Les Leopold – Author of “Wall Street’s War on Workers: How Mass Layoffs and Greed Are Destroying the Working Class and What to Do About It”

Unveiling Wall Street’s War on Workers: A Deep Dive with Les Leopold

Mike interviews Les Leopold.

We had the privilege of engaging in a riveting discussion with author Les Leopold about his latest book, “Wall Street’s War on Workers: How Mass Layoffs and Greed Are Destroying the Working Class and What to Do About It.” Our conversation delved deep into the intricate web of challenges faced by the working class, shedding light on the devastating impact of corporate greed and the urgent need for change.


At the start of our discussion was the revelation of how tax cuts and stock buybacks, rather than leading to reinvestment and job creation as promised, have instead fueled corporate wealth accumulation at the expense of workers. Leopold eloquently dissected how companies like Verizon have exploited these tax incentives to conduct massive layoffs and prioritize shareholder profits over employee well-being.

We didn’t shy away from addressing the political landscape by candidly examining the Trump administration’s policies and the contentious 2020 election. While I expressed skepticism about specific political figures, Leopold emphasized the importance of focusing on solutions rather than partisan divides, advocating for a collective effort to challenge Wall Street’s dominance and protect workers’ rights.

Throughout our conversation, Leopold highlighted the crucial role of unions in advocating for workers’ interests and combating the onslaught of mass layoffs. He underscored the need for a collective movement to address systemic issues, emphasizing the power of organized labour in demanding fair treatment and economic justice.

One of the most striking points of our discussion was the exploration of alternative paths to economic empowerment. While I championed individual entrepreneurship and financial literacy as essential tools for personal success, Leopold emphasized the importance of collective action and solidarity among working-class communities. Both perspectives underscored the multifaceted nature of addressing the challenges faced by the working class, offering complementary approaches to effecting positive change.

Mike Fallat and Les Leopold talk about the book Wall Street’s War on Workers: How Mass Layoffs and Greed Are Destroying the Working Class and What to Do About It.

We underscored the urgency of the issue and the need for concerted efforts to combat corporate greed and protect workers’ rights. Leopold’s book, “Wall Street’s War on Workers,” serves as a clarion call for action, providing valuable insights and actionable steps to empower the working class and challenge the status quo.

This episode encapsulated the essence of the ongoing struggle for economic justice and the imperative of standing up against corporate exploitation. We illuminated the path forward through insightful analysis and impassioned discourse, inspiring listeners to join the fight for a fairer, more equitable society.

Our conversation served as a powerful reminder of the importance of solidarity, advocacy, and collective action in confronting the forces of inequality and injustice. By amplifying the voices of the working class and shedding light on Wall Street’s insidious tactics, we have sparked a vital dialogue that will resonate with audiences far and wide.

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