William Farris – Author of “Japan to 1600: A Social and Economic History”

Time-Traveling Through Japan: William Farris Unveils the Secrets of ‘Japan to 1600: A Social and Economic History

Mike interviews William Farris.

The focal point of the engaging conversation is Farris’s illuminating book, “Japan to 1600: A Social and Economic History,” unravelling the rich tapestry of Japan’s past and offering a unique perspective on its social, economic, and cultural evolution.


William Farris guides the audience through an enlightening exploration of Japan’s history. The conversation starts with a reflection on the origins of the Samurai and how their influence continues to shape the cultural landscape of Japan. Farris provides a nuanced perspective, dispelling the myth that all Japanese people are avid martial arts practitioners. Instead, he points out the profound impact of the samurai ethic on Japanese character, emphasizing the deep respect for others and the stoic approach to life.

The discussion then takes a geopolitical turn as Farris sheds light on the complex relationship between Japan, China, and North Korea. Drawing parallels to the adage, “When China sneezes, Japan catches a cold,” Farris highlights the contemporary tensions and fears emanating from geopolitical dynamics, including Chinese influence in Japan and the ever-looming threat from neighbouring countries.

With a remarkable background in Japanese history, Farris shares insights into his extensive work, including his book “Sacred Texts and Buried Treasures.” This particular masterpiece explores four pivotal problems in Japanese history, utilizing a blend of written and archaeological evidence. Farris takes us on a journey back to 750 CE, unravelling mysteries around Japan’s early empress, Himiko, and delving into the archaeological treasures that provide a unique perspective on the relationship between Japan and Korea.

The conversation pivots to another intriguing work by Farris, “A Bowl for a Coin,” which delves into the history of tea in Japan. In a fascinating revelation, Farris unveils how tea farming played a pivotal role in Japan’s agricultural sophistication after 1350. As the Meiji era dawned, Japanese entrepreneurs even exported significant amounts of tea to the American market, contributing to the nation’s economic growth.

Farris explores the medicinal purposes of Japanese tea and the interconnectedness of global trade in the 19th century. His expertise adds depth, making the discussion informative and engaging in Japan’s historical trajectory narrative.

The interview reaches its zenith with a glimpse into Farris’s book, “Japan’s Medieval Population: Famine, Fertility, and Warfare in a Transformative Age.” The eerie cover, adorned with depictions of hungry ghosts, sets the stage for discussing one of Japan’s greatest fears – famine. Farris paints a vivid picture of how famines plagued Japan throughout its history, leaving an indelible mark on the population’s physical stature and shaping societal structures.

Mike Fallat and William Farris talk about the book Japan to 1600: A Social and Economic History.

With a personal reflection on the origin of his love for Japan, Farris’s transformative experience during a year-long stay in Japan as a young man unfolded a lifelong fascination with the culture, language, and history of this enigmatic nation.

Listeners are left with a newfound appreciation for Japan’s intricate history, thanks to Farris’s wealth of knowledge. Farris’s seven books on Japanese history, each offering a unique perspective, stand as a testament to his dedication to unravelling the mysteries of Japan’s past.

This episode isn’t just an exploration of history; it’s an invitation to embark on a captivating journey through time, discovering the untold stories that have shaped Japan into the nation it is today. So, grab a cup of Japanese tea, settle in, and let William Farris guide you into the fascinating world of Japan’s history.

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