William E. Halal – Author of “Beyond Knowledge: How Technology Is Driving an Age of Consciousness”

Embracing the Future: William E. Halal on Technology, Consciousness, and Education

Mike interviews William E. Halal.

In a riveting conversation that delves into the depths of technology, global consciousness, and the future of education, William E. Halal, author of “Beyond Knowledge: How Technology Is Driving an Age of Consciousness,” lays out a compelling vision. This discussion is a goldmine for anyone keen to understand the transformative power of technology and how it shapes our world.


Halal kicks things off by making a solid case that technology, while disruptive, brings about new opportunities. He emphasizes that the future is brimming with possibilities for those with grit and determination. Entrepreneurs, hustlers, and go-getters need not fear the future. Instead, they should embrace it, recognizing that the landscape constantly evolves with new opportunities created by technological advancements like Uber Eats and Instacart. Halal’s perspective resonates deeply with the entrepreneurial spirit, suggesting that one can thrive in this new age with the right mindset.

As an entrepreneur, it’s crucial to be strategic and adaptive. The entrepreneurial journey is like a chess game, where one must be acutely aware of political and economic changes to effectively play offence and defence. Halal stresses that entrepreneurs must stay informed about political developments and new laws, constantly questioning and researching to remain ahead. This proactive approach, he argues, makes one uncontrollable and ultimately successful.

The conversation then shifts to the broader implications of technological progress on society. Halal passionately advocates for higher abstraction in thinking, creative problem-solving, and global collaboration. He asserts that businesses can lead the way by demonstrating the power of collaboration and working with stakeholders to create value for everyone involved. Halal believes this could be a cornerstone of a more globally conscious and interconnected world.

However, the spectre of nuclear war looms large in Halal’s vision of the future. He starkly contrasts the warfare of the past with the potential devastation of a nuclear conflict, which he likens to the scenarios depicted in the movie “WarGames.” Halal warns that clicking a button could unleash unprecedented destruction, underscoring global cooperation’s importance in preventing such an outcome. He points to historical shifts, like the transformation of Germany and Japan from wartime adversaries to peaceful nations, as evidence that change is possible. He believes this should inspire hope that current global tensions can be resolved through diplomacy and understanding.

Halal also discusses the impact of propaganda and authoritarianism, particularly in the context of Russia. He laments how talented individuals in Russia are stifled under autocratic rule, with many resorting to cyber hacking due to a lack of legitimate outlets for their skills. He envisions a future where Russia, free from autocracy, can unleash its potential and contribute positively to the global community. This vision is rooted in a belief in people’s inherent goodness and capability, regardless of their current circumstances.

The role of education in fostering global consciousness is another critical point in the discussion. Halal critiques the current education system for being teacher-centred rather than student-centred. He advocates for a system that empowers students to learn independently, leveraging technology to provide personalized instruction. Halal sees AI as a tool that can revolutionize education by offering tailored tutoring that meets the unique needs of each student. This, he argues, can free students from the constraints of traditional classroom settings and enable them to pursue knowledge in a way that aligns with their interests and abilities.

Mike Fallat and William E. Halal talk about the book Beyond Knowledge: How Technology Is Driving an Age of Consciousness.

Many have noticed the shortcomings of an education system designed to produce workers rather than thinkers. Discovering personal development and truth often happens outside the formal education system. Halal emphasizes that proper education should awaken students to their potential and encourage them to explore and understand the world around them.

To wrap up the conversation, Halal highlights the importance of meditation and mindfulness as practices to enhance self-awareness and consciousness. He describes these practices as ways to get in touch with reality internally and externally and appreciate life’s mystery. For Halal, nurturing the human spirit is essential in an age where technology often reduces humans to mere information systems.

In this enlightening discussion, Halal paints a vivid picture of a future shaped by technology, global consciousness, and a reimagined education system. His insights are a call to action for entrepreneurs, educators, and individuals to embrace change, think globally, and nurture their inner selves. As Halal aptly puts it, we are passengers on the spaceship Earth, and it’s up to us to navigate our journey wisely.

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