Walter Block – Author of “Defending the Undefendable”

Embracing Unconventional Wisdom: Walter Block Dives into “Defending the Undefendable”

Mike interviews Walter Block.

We take on the intellectual titan Walter Block, delving into the provocative world of Block’s groundbreaking book, “Defending the Undefendable.” Prepare for a wild ride as the two navigate the controversial waters of libertarianism, discussing topics from abortion to defamation with the wit and wisdom that characterize him.


The conversation kicks off with a bang as Walter Block, a seasoned libertarian economist, provides a fresh perspective that challenges conventional thinking. While many libertarians lean towards supporting a woman’s right to choose, Walter introduces the concept of “evictionism.” This nuanced approach proposes that women have the right to evict an unwanted guest, the fetus, from their bodies without necessarily endorsing its termination. The idea sparks a fascinating dialogue about the initiation of life, personal ownership, and the complexities of individual rights.

Never one to shy away from controversy, the conversation turns towards defamation. In a world where free speech is a cherished right, Walter argues that defamation, while distasteful, should remain legal. Drawing a sharp distinction between ownership of physical property and reputation, Walter contends that individuals don’t own their reputations as they consist of others’ thoughts. The two engage in a lively exchange on the implications of defamation, exploring the paradox that, without defamation laws, reputations might paradoxically be safer.

As the conversation unfolds, Walter Block, the unapologetic libertarian, suggests that engaging in sexual activities without disclosing potential health risks should be treated as fraud. He argues that just as selling a defective product constitutes fraud, knowingly transmitting a disease without disclosure falls into the same category. This sparks a debate on the limits of individual liberty and the role of law in protecting individuals from harm in intimate relationships.

The dialogue takes an unexpected turn as Walter introduces the concept of voluntary slavery. Drawing parallels between contractual agreements and personal freedom, he poses a hypothetical scenario where an individual willingly offers themselves as a slave in exchange for a substantial sum of money. While unconventional and controversial, Walter’s argument challenges preconceived notions of liberty, freedom, and the voluntary nature of certain agreements.

Mike Fallat and Walter Block talk about the book Defending the Undefendable.

In true Walter Block style, the conversation ends with a quickfire round. Walter throws a curveball, acknowledging the possibility of skepticism but leaning towards accepting the historical event.

The duo concludes the episode by venturing into the realm of political predictions for 2024. With a nod to the challenges faced by Libertarian candidates, Walter predicts a modest 1-2% of the vote unless a prominent figure takes the lead. Their exchange provides a candid look at the struggles faced by third-party candidates in a political landscape dominated by major parties.

In this podcast episode, listeners are treated to a rollercoaster of ideas, challenging conventional norms and unravelling the complexities of libertarian philosophy. Walter Block’s “Defending the Undefendable” becomes the springboard for discussions on abortion, defamation, sexual escapades, voluntary slavery, and even moon landings. It’s a wild ride through the uncharted territories of unconventional wisdom, with Walter Block steering the ship into unexplored waters of libertarian thought. Buckle up; it’s a conversation you won’t want to miss!

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