Trevor C. Nolan – Author of “Military Money: How to Thrive on a Government Salary (Military Might)”

Thriving on Government Pay: Trevor C. Nolan’s Guide to Financial Freedom

Mike interviews Trevor C. Nolan.

In this riveting episode, We had the honour of sitting down with Trevor C. Nolan, the brilliant mind behind Military Money: How to Thrive on a Government Salary (Military Might). Trevor, a seasoned veteran with over 21 years of service in classified programs, has transitioned from military life to entrepreneurship with an inspiring journey from which we can all learn. His story concerns resilience, adaptability, and a burning desire to help fellow veterans navigate the tricky waters of civilian life and financial independence.


Trevor’s career in the military was cloaked in secrecy. He couldn’t tell anyone about his work with satellites, stealth aircraft, or special operations. Now, he’s in the entrepreneurial space, demonstrating his expertise in a new light. He shared how challenging it was to come out of his shell and present himself without the uniform that had defined his identity for over two decades. One of the pivotal moments in his transition was attending a job fair, which felt daunting and uncomfortable but ultimately empowering. Trevor’s mentor, Chip Frazier, encouraged him to print resumes and face the discomfort head-on. This experience taught Trevor the importance of being comfortable in uncomfortable situations—a lesson that applies to veterans and anyone facing a major life transition.

Trevor vividly described his vulnerability standing in line at job fairs, competing for attention with people who didn’t know him or his capabilities. Despite his impressive military background, he felt devalued and exposed. This feeling is all too common among transitioning veterans. But Trevor’s story took a turn as he continued to attend these fairs. He realized his value wasn’t just in what he had done but in his ability to help others. He began to see his mission: to help transitioning veterans not feel like he did. His advice to fellow veterans is clear: understand your worth and not be afraid to showcase it. Your experiences are valuable and can translate into civilian success with the right mindset and preparation.

One of the most eye-opening parts of our conversation was Trevor’s insight into the financial struggles many veterans face upon leaving the military. It’s a common misconception that veterans transition smoothly into civilian life with economic stability. Trevor recounted a story of a senior military officer who found himself in financial peril just weeks after leaving service. This officer had three grandkids in college, an $80,000 wedding debt, and an airplane to maintain, highlighting how crucial it is for veterans to plan their finances well in advance.

Trevor emphasized the need for a three-year plan before transitioning. This plan involves paying off debts, assessing quality of life, and determining the minimum income required to maintain that lifestyle post-service. Veterans must invest in themselves, acquire hard skills, and be proactive about their financial education. Trevor’s book is a treasure trove of practical advice on managing finances effectively on a government salary and beyond.

A significant theme in our discussion was the importance of teamwork in the military and entrepreneurship. Trevor noted that while the military is a team sport, civilian life often feels like an individual sport. However, entrepreneurship requires a team, just like in the military. You can’t do everything yourself. Trevor’s transition into entrepreneurship involved building a team and realizing the value of sharing the workload and the rewards. He believes that veteran entrepreneurs understand this better than anyone, given their background in collaborative efforts.

Mike Fallat and Trevor C. Nolan talk about the book Military Money: How to Thrive on a Government Salary (Military Might).

Trevor’s dedication to continuous learning is inspiring. After his military career, he didn’t rest on his laurels. Instead, he sought new certifications and skills to make himself marketable in the civilian world. His journey from not knowing what hard skills were to becoming a certified project management professional is a testament to his commitment to personal and professional growth. He advises veterans to keep their resumes as living documents that reflect ongoing education and self-improvement.

Trevor also shared some valuable book recommendations. For veteran entrepreneurs, he suggested Platform by Michael Hyatt, a guide to building a personal brand. For those transitioning, he recommended the timeless What Color is Your Parachute? a comprehensive guide to career change and job hunting. These resources and his own book provide a robust framework for veterans looking to thrive in civilian life.

Trevor C. Nolan’s journey from a classified military career to a successful entrepreneur and author is inspirational. His insights on financial planning, the importance of teamwork, and the value of continuous learning are lessons that resonate beyond the military community. As Trevor continues to help veterans navigate their transitions, his message is clear: with the proper preparation and mindset, thriving on a government salary—and beyond—is entirely possible.

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