Timothy Noah – Author of “The Great Divergence”

Unveiling Disparity: Tim Noah’s Exploration of America’s Inequality Crisis

Mike interviews Timothy Noah.

Welcome, readers; we’re diving into the world of Tim Noah, the brilliant mind behind “The Great Divergence: America’s Growing Inequality Crisis and What We Can Do About It.” This conversation promises to be a rollercoaster ride through the twists and turns of America’s economic landscape, so buckle up for an eye-opening journey.


As Tim steps into the limelight, he unveils the inspiration behind his book—a deep dive into the historical shifts that rocked the foundations of income equality in the United States. Born out of the frustration stemming from the elusive answers surrounding the causes of this divergence, Tim’s book emerges as a beacon of insight into the challenges faced during the Great Recession.

The discussion kicks off with a spotlight on the late ’70s and early ’80s, a period when income equality trends took an unexpected U-turn. Tim sheds light on critical factors like the decline of labour unions, the seismic impact of trade, and the evolving dynamics of the corporate culture. It’s a riveting exploration that takes us back to an era of transformation and sets the stage for understanding the economic puzzle that unfolded.

Fasten your seatbelts as the conversation catapults us into the ’80s, an epoch marked by drastic changes. The soaring costs of college tuition become a focal point, with Tim attributing this phenomenon to an increased demand for higher education coupled with a decline in the production of graduates. But the narrative doesn’t stop there; Tim ventures into the realm of trade, examining how the rise of global players like China and Mexico exerted downward pressure on wages in the U.S.

The removal of the gold standard in 1974 became a puzzle piece in the intricate mosaic of income inequality. Tim skillfully dissects its potential role, noting that while it contributed to inflation, the era of growing inequality unfolded during a period of surprisingly low inflation. It’s a nuanced exploration that challenges preconceived notions and invites readers to question the intricacies of economic history.

As the conversation unfolds, Tim Noah unfurls a tapestry of potential solutions to address the pervasive issue of income inequality. A call for the revival of labour unions takes center stage, with Tim passionately advocating for the empowerment of workers. He extends his gaze to the realm of education, proposing tuition price controls for colleges to counter the soaring costs that burden aspiring students. Stricter regulations on Wall Street and a check on excessive CEO pay emerge as crucial pillars in Tim’s blueprint for a fairer economic landscape.

Mike Fallat and Timothy Noah talk about the book The Great Divergence

The conversation crescendos with a poignant discussion on the trade-off between lower prices and higher wages. Tim passionately argues in favour of prioritizing wages over lower prices, asserting that a focus on improved livelihoods for low-income individuals is the more reliable path to a prosperous future.

In this podcast episode, Tim Noah’s voice becomes a beacon of reason in the tumultuous sea of economic discourse. The need for strong income security, social benefits, and fair wages echoes through the conversation as Tim navigates through the complexities of the decline of the middle class, the role of taxation, and the urgency of providing basic human needs. The final notes of the conversation resonate with a call for individual empowerment, emphasizing the role of the right information and mindset in the pursuit of financial success. As we bid adieu to this episode, the echoes of Tim Noah’s insights linger, leaving us with a renewed perspective on America’s economic trajectory. “The Great Divergence” stands not just as a book but as a testament to the power of informed conversations in shaping a more equitable future

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