Thomas Levenson – Author of “Money for Nothing: The Scientists, Fraudsters, and Corrupt Politicians Who Reinvented Money, Panicked a Nation, and Made the World Rich”

Unraveling the Intrigues of Money: A Conversation with Thomas Levenson

Mike interviews Thomas Levenson.

In the latest episode of our podcast, we delved deep into the riveting world of finance and history with Thomas Levenson, the author of “Money for Nothing: The Scientists, Fraudsters, and Corrupt Politicians Who Reinvented Money, Panicked a Nation, and Made the World Rich.” This insightful conversation illuminated the fascinating interplay between innovation, deception, and wealth creation throughout history.


Levenson’s book takes us on a journey through time, exploring the remarkable stories behind the creation of financial markets and the individuals who shaped them. From the early innovations of the 18th century to the modern complexities of today’s financial landscape, Levenson uncovers the recurring patterns of boom and bust, innovation and deception that have defined our economic history.

One of the key takeaways from our conversation was the pivotal role of finance in driving human progress while simultaneously being susceptible to manipulation and exploitation. Levenson eloquently highlighted how financial markets have been both a force for good and a breeding ground for fraud, with examples ranging from the stock bubbles of the 18th century to the subprime mortgage crisis of the 21st century.

But amidst the chaos and unpredictability of financial markets, Levenson emphasized the importance of vigilant regulation to mitigate risks and protect ordinary investors. He stressed the need for a flexible and proactive regulatory framework to adapt to the ever-evolving finance landscape, preventing excessive speculation and safeguarding against systemic failures.

Levenson’s insights into the cryptocurrency world added another layer of complexity to our discussion. While acknowledging the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize finance, he cautioned against the lack of regulation and the proliferation of illicit activities in the crypto space. Levenson highlighted the importance of striking a balance between innovation and oversight to ensure the integrity and stability of financial systems.

Throughout our conversation, Levenson’s expertise and understanding of financial history shone through, offering valuable insights into the forces shaping our economic landscape. His engaging storytelling and sharp analysis captivated listeners, prompting reflection on the intricate dynamics of money, power, and innovation.

Mike Fallat and Thomas Levenson talk about the book Money for Nothing: The Scientists, Fraudsters, and Corrupt Politicians Who Reinvented Money, Panicked a Nation, and Made the World Rich.

As we wrapped up our discussion, one thing became abundantly clear: the story of money is far from over. From the rise of digital currencies to the ongoing debates over financial regulation, the journey of money unfolds, shaped by the ingenuity and folly of human nature.

Thomas Levenson’s “Money for Nothing” is a captivating historical account and a timely reminder of the complexities and contradictions inherent in our financial systems. Through his meticulous research and compelling narrative, Levenson invites readers to explore the past, present, and future of money.

So, if you’re ready to unravel the mysteries of finance and discover the untold stories behind the world’s wealth, dive into the fascinating world of “Money for Nothing” with Thomas Levenson. You won’t want to miss it!

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