The Dos and Don’ts of Self-Editing Your Business Book

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“…Keep it crystal clear, concise, and relatable.” – Mike Fallat

Hey, you ambitious business authors and entrepreneurial wordsmiths! So, you’re on a mission to sculpt that business book, huh? Awesome choice! But before you pop the celebratory champagne, let’s talk about the secret sauce that takes your manuscript from good to great – self-editing. Yes, you heard that right. Self-editing is your ticket to turning your book into a literary gem, and I’ve got the ultimate guide right here for you.

Ready to decode the Dos and Don’ts of Self-Editing Your Business Book? Buckle up, ‘cause we’re about to unlock the treasures of refining your manuscript.

The Dos:

  1. Take a Breather, Champ: Put your writing aside for a bit. Let it simmer. Returning with fresh eyes sharpens your editing game.

  2. Craft that Story Structure: Your book needs a roadmap. Make sure your ideas flow seamlessly. No detours or roadblocks in this literary journey!

  3. Clear as Crystal: Don’t leave your readers scratching their heads. Keep it crystal clear, concise, and relatable. No room for confusion in your book’s kingdom.

  4. Consistency is King: Style, tone, and formatting – keep them consistent. It’s the secret potion for an engaging read.

  5. Grammar Grandmaster: Polish those sentences! Get your grammar, punctuation, and structure spot on. Use tools like Grammarly to elevate your game.

  6. Trim the Fat: Cut out the excess. Redundancies and fluff have no place in your manuscript. Keep it lean and mean.

  7. Bring in the Fresh Eyes: It takes a village to edit a book. Beta readers or pros can catch what you might’ve missed.

  8. Fact-Check Fanatic: Numbers, references, stats – double-check them. Your book’s credibility depends on it.

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The Don’ts:

  1. Edit-While-You-Write Blues: Hold your horses on editing while you write. Let the words flow first, perfect later. Trust me on this one.

  2. No Need for Speed: Slow and steady wins the editing race. Rushing through might leave typos and inconsistencies in the dust.

  3. Format Faux Pas: Consistent formatting is your book’s best friend. Keep it clean, consistent, and reader-friendly.

  4. One and Done? No, No: Multiple rounds of editing are your holy grail. Don’t skimp on this vital step.

  5. Pro Help is a Go: Self-editing rocks, but a professional editor’s touch? Priceless. Consider it the magic sprinkle on your literary cupcake.

  6. Reader, Where Art Thou?: Always keep your audience in mind. This book is for them, after all.

  7. Neglect Your Intro-Outro: The first hello and the final goodbye are crucial. Polish them until they sparkle.

And there you have it, your backstage pass to self-editing your business book. It’s the little details that turn your book into a showstopper. So, go ahead, and edit like a boss!

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