Stephen Slevin – Author of “Making Light Work of Workday: Strategies for unleashing the power of Workday”

Maximizing Workday Efficiency: Strategies from Expert Stephen Slevin

Mike interviews Stephen Slevin.

In this episode of our podcast, we had the incredible opportunity to chat with Stephen Slevin, the author of the enlightening book Making Light Work of Workday: Strategies for Unleashing the Power of Workday. Stephen’s passion for helping businesses maximize their Workday investments shone through in our conversation, providing valuable insights and practical strategies for anyone looking to elevate their organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.


Stephen started by explaining his team’s comprehensive approach to assisting clients. They invite customers into a dedicated portal containing over 150 assets to address common problems. As Stephen aptly said, “You got 99 problems, but Workday ain’t one.” This catchphrase encapsulates their mission to alleviate Workday-related challenges by focusing on six major issues clients frequently encounter.

One significant challenge is user adoption. Many businesses struggle to integrate Workday into their daily operations effectively. Stephen highlighted how his team acts as guides, helping clients navigate the complexities and reassuring them that they are not alone. Building trust and offering a structured learning journey make the transition smoother and more manageable for everyone involved.

Stephen emphasized the importance of addressing inefficiencies in business processes. He shared an example of a customer’s difficulties using Workday to develop their organization. His team created a proof of concept and provided job aids, transforming the customer’s understanding and usage of Workday. This hands-on approach ensures that clients implement Workday and derive substantial value from it.

One of the standout moments in our discussion was Stephen’s mention of Workday’s frequent upgrades. Workday releases around 140 to 200 new features each year, yet only 20% of customers take advantage of these updates. This startling statistic underscores a significant missed opportunity. Stephen’s team offers release management services, guiding clients through the upgrades and helping them identify features that can substantially benefit their operations.

We were particularly intrigued by Stephen’s insights into what sets the top 20% of Workday users apart. These organizations view Workday as a back-office tool and a strategic asset. They push the boundaries, seeking every possible advantage the platform offers. Stephen shared a compelling example of a customer who used Workday’s insights to improve decision-making for over 6,000 line managers. Leveraging standard features significantly enhanced the adoption rate and operational efficiency.

Our conversation also touched on the broader implications of staying ahead in the competitive business landscape. Stephen stressed that organizations must embrace technological advancements, including AI, to maintain their edge. The successful companies are passionate about squeezing every ounce of value from their investments. They view technology as a means to drive efficiency, speed, and business success.

Stephen’s enthusiasm was infectious, mainly when he discussed the future of Workday and the role of AI. He highlighted the transformative potential of AI in analyzing data and providing actionable insights. For instance, he mentioned how AI could help identify hiring biases within organizations, ensuring a more diverse and inclusive workforce. This level of understanding not only boosts efficiency but also enhances the overall health and culture of the organization.

One key takeaway from our discussion was the critical importance of foundational efficiency. Stephen urged businesses to get their basics right—data security, process efficiency, and operational reporting—before diving into advanced technologies. Even the most advanced tools won’t deliver their full potential without a solid foundation.

Mike Fallat and Stephen Slevin talk about the book Making Light Work of Workday: Strategies for Unleashing the Power of Workday.

Stephen’s book, “Making Light Work of Workday,” is a treasure trove of strategies and real-life examples. It’s a guide and a roadmap for organizations looking to maximize their Workday investment. From operational efficiency to strategic insights, Stephen covers it all, providing a clear path for businesses to follow.

Stephen’s insights are invaluable for anyone in the business world, whether you’re a seasoned executive or a startup founder. His emphasis on leveraging technology, staying ahead of upgrades, and building a solid foundation resonates deeply in today’s fast-paced environment. He aptly said, “You need to get on the train; otherwise, you’ll be left behind.”

Our conversation was a powerful reminder of the importance of staying current with technology and utilizing the tools available. Stephen Slevin’s expertise and passion for Workday provide a beacon for businesses striving to achieve operational excellence. His book is a must-read for anyone serious about unleashing the power of Workday and driving their organization toward success.


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