Spud Marshall – Author of “Designing Creative Communities: Your Town Is Your Canvas”

Unleashing Curiosity: A Journey into Designing Creative Communities with Spud Marshall

Mike interviews Spud Marshall.

We dove deep into community building and entrepreneurship with Spud Marshall, the brilliant mind behind “Designing Creative Communities: Your Town Is Your Canvas. ” The conversation was enlightening as we explored the power of curiosity, the art of storytelling, and the importance of prototyping in bringing innovative ideas to life.


At the heart of Spud Marshall’s philosophy lies a fundamental shift from the conventional wisdom of “follow your passion” to a more liberating mantra: “follow your curiosity.” This simple yet profound shift in perspective opens up possibilities, allowing individuals to explore diverse interests and navigate their entrepreneurial journey flexibly and resiliently. By embracing curiosity as a guiding force, Spud challenges the notion of rigid career paths and encourages us to embark on a journey of continuous exploration and discovery.

Throughout our conversation, Spud emphasized the importance of storytelling in community building and entrepreneurship. Drawing inspiration from Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey, Spud highlights the role of the entrepreneur as a guide rather than a hero. By crafting a clear and compelling narrative that resonates with their audience, entrepreneurs can foster trust, empathy, and connection, ultimately leading to sustainable growth and impact.

One of Spud’s key insights was the concept of prototyping as a tool for rapid learning and iteration. Rather than getting bogged down by perfectionism or fear of failure, Spud encourages entrepreneurs to embrace the “ready, fire, aim” approach, allowing them to test their ideas quickly and cheaply. Through prototyping, entrepreneurs can gather valuable feedback, identify areas for improvement, and refine their offerings to better meet the needs of their target audience.

Mike Fallat and Spud Marshall talk about the book Designing Creative Communities: Your Town Is Your Canvas.

But perhaps the most profound lesson from our conversation was the importance of building meaningful partnerships based on alignment and trust. Spud emphasizes that successful partnerships are not merely transactional but rooted in a shared vision and mutual respect. By nurturing relationships with like-minded individuals and organizations, entrepreneurs can amplify their impact and achieve more tremendous success than they could alone.

As we delved deeper into Spud’s book, “Designing Creative Communities: Your Town Is Your Canvas,” it became evident that the principles outlined within its pages apply to entrepreneurship and all aspects of life. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur looking to launch your next venture or someone seeking to foster a sense of community and connection in your town, Spud’s insights offer valuable guidance and inspiration.

Our conversation with Spud Marshall was a journey into the heart of creativity, curiosity, and community building. Through his book and words, Spud challenges us to rethink our approach to entrepreneurship, encouraging us to embrace curiosity, storytelling, prototyping, and meaningful partnerships as we strive to make our mark on the world. So, let’s follow our curiosity and unleash our creativity, and together, let’s design the vibrant and thriving communities of tomorrow.

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