Solitaire Townsend – Author of “The Solutionists: How Businesses Can Fix the Future”

Driving Change through Business: Insights from Solitaire Townsend

Mike interviews Solitaire Townsend.

In a recent podcast episode, we delved deep into solutionism with the remarkable Solitaire Townsend, author of “The Solutionists: How Businesses Can Fix the Future.” With a passion for innovation and a drive to create positive change, Solitaire shared insights from her book, offering a roadmap for entrepreneurs to make a lasting impact on the world.


The conversation started with Solitaire shedding light on the fifth attribute of being a solutionist: soul. She emphasized the importance of aligning personal values with business endeavours, urging individuals to reflect on what truly matters. Solitaire challenged the notion of political correctness and woke culture, advocating instead for a focus on genuine introspection and a commitment to making a difference.

As Solitaire shared anecdotes of entrepreneurs who have successfully integrated soul into their business ventures, one theme emerged: a deep sense of purpose. From the founder of Tony’s Chocolonely, who built a chocolate company with zero slavery in its supply chain, to the CEO of a major Japanese corporation who overcame a life-threatening illness to prioritize making a positive impact, these individuals exemplify the power of aligning business with values.

Solitaire resonated with Solitaire’s message, emphasizing the importance of thinking like an entrepreneur in today’s world. He highlighted the shift from relying on government to personal empowerment, where individuals take ownership of their destinies and strive to make a difference in the world. Through entrepreneurship, Solitaire explained, individuals can create wealth, drive meaningful change, and close societal gaps.

The conversation was intriguing as Solitaire discussed the intersection of activism and business. She astutely pointed out that every significant activism movement represents a market, with countless individuals who align with its values. Drawing from her experience working with major corporations, Solitaire highlighted the importance of businesses catering to consumer needs, even if it means embracing controversial movements.

Solitaire echoed Solitaire’s sentiment, emphasizing the entrepreneurial opportunities that arise from identifying unmet needs within activist communities. He highlighted the success of businesses like Oatly and Impossible Foods, which have capitalized on the growing demand for plant-based products. These companies have achieved remarkable success by addressing consumer needs while staying true to their values.

Mike Fallat and Solitaire Townsend talk about the book The Solutionists: How Businesses Can Fix the Future.

The conversation concluded with a call to action for aspiring solutionists. Solitaire encouraged individuals to follow their passions and identify areas where they can make a meaningful impact. Rather than shying away from societal challenges, she urged entrepreneurs to embrace disruption and innovate solutions that address pressing needs.

In true Solitaire fashion, the conversation was both enlightening and inspiring. By highlighting the power of solutionism and the importance of aligning business with values, Solitaire Townsend offered a compelling vision for a better future. As entrepreneurs, we have the opportunity to not only create wealth but also drive positive change in the world. It’s time to embrace our inner solutionists and work towards a brighter tomorrow.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey of innovation and impact, We highly recommend Solitaire’s book, “The Solutionists: How Businesses Can Fix the Future.” And remember, the future is ours to shape—let’s make it a future worth fighting for.

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