Sandy Forster – Author of “How To Be Wildly Wealthy FAST: A Powerful Guide For Women To Attract Unlimited Abundance Today!”

Wildly Wealthy Wisdom: Sandy Forster Unlocks the Secrets to Abundance

Mike interviews Sandy Forster.

Today, we’re diving into a conversation that will set your abundance mindset on fire. Recently, I had the privilege of chatting with Sandy Forster, the powerhouse behind the book “How to be Wildly Wealthy, Fast.” We delved deep into the magic of gratitude, the law of attraction, and the game-changing concept of focusing on what truly matters to manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams.


Sandy Forster vibed on the transformative power of gratitude. It’s not just a warm and fuzzy feeling; it’s a superpower that taps into the law of attraction and your reticular activating system. Sandy shared her practice of keeping a gratitude journal, a nightly ritual that started with a bit of a stumble but evolved into a magical practice. The more you focus on what you’re grateful for, the more of those things appear in your life. It’s a mindset shift that aligns you with the universe, making you a magnet for positivity.

She dropped some serious wisdom about the balance between desires and focus. Sandy emphasized the power of the present moment and how scattering your energy across a laundry list of wants can dilute your manifesting prowess. It’s like sunlight: concentrating it with a magnifying glass lets you set things ablaze. Similarly, by narrowing your focus to one or two key desires, your energy becomes a laser, cutting through the noise and making your dreams more attainable. It’s not about wanting less overall; it’s about wanting strategically.

We waltzed into the territory of impostor syndrome, a dance many of us know all too well. Even heavyweights have grappled with it. Sandy’s take on it is pure gold. She reminded us that we’re not just tiny, insignificant humans but divine sparks connected to something vast. When we remember that we’re part of the universe, supported by something far greater, impostor syndrome loses its grip. The universe wants more for us than we could even conceive, and that realization can make you feel unstoppable.

Desperation, my friends, is the killer of dreams. Sandy riffed on the negative impact of desperation – how it repels the very things we desire. It’s an energy that screams lack and scarcity, pushing away the opportunities we crave. Sandy shared her journey from a financial struggle to one of abundance. It starts with believing you have everything you need, even when it seems illogical. This shift in mindset doesn’t happen overnight, but once you own the identity of abundance, the universe responds in kind.

Persistence is the secret sauce. Sandy’s story of going from $100,000 in debt to living her dream life is a testament to the power of tenacity. Many folks bail out one step before everything turns around. Sandy’s advice? Commit, give it a real shot, and keep going. Persistence isn’t just about proving it to the universe; it’s about proving it to yourself. The more you persist, the more your belief builds, and the more the universe responds.

Mike Fallat and Sandy Forster talk about the book How To Be Wildly Wealthy FAST: A Powerful Guide For Women To Attract Unlimited Abundance Today!.

In wrapping up this mind-expanding conversation, Sandy shared her website,, where she dishes out tips and secrets and offers courses to help you unlock the door to abundance. Plus, she’s got a free bundle of audio and visualizations at to kickstart your journey to a wildly wealthy life.

Sandy Forster is on a mission to wake up the world to the untapped potential within each of us. The key? Embrace gratitude, focus your energy, dance with your divine nature, kick desperation to the curb, and persist like a warrior on a mission.

Ready to unleash abundance in your life? Dive into Sandy Forster’s world and let the magic begin.

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