Samuel Fleischacker – Author of “Being Me Being You: Adam Smith and Empathy”

Being Me Being You: Unveiling the Empathetic Layers with Samuel Fleischacker

Mike interviews Samuel Fleischacker.

We’re diving into the brilliant mind of Samuel Fleischacker to explore the captivating world he unveils in his groundbreaking book, “Being Me Being You: Adam Smith and Empathy.” This one’s a game-changer, so let’s strap in and prepare for some intellectual fireworks.


First things first, let’s talk about Adam Smith. We all know him as the father of modern economics, but Fleischacker takes us on a thrilling ride beyond the invisible hand and into the realm of empathy. Yep, you heard that proper – empathy and Adam Smith. Sounds like an unusual pair, right? Well, that’s the beauty of it.

As we kick off this philosophical rollercoaster, Fleischacker delves into the core of Smith’s work, exploring how empathy plays a pivotal role in understanding human behaviour and societal structures. It’s not just about dollars and cents; it’s about the fabric of our interconnectedness. Imagine that!

We all know empathy is that soft, fuzzy thing we associate with kindness and understanding, but Fleischacker sheds light on a profound twist. He argues that empathy isn’t just a nice-to-have feature; it’s a fundamental building block for a just and harmonious society. It’s the glue that holds the intricate web of human interactions together.

As Fleischacker eloquently puts it, “Being Me Being You” unravels the layers of Adam Smith’s thoughts on empathy, showing us that it’s not just a moral ornament but a crucial factor in economic and social dynamics. I know what you’re thinking – economics and empathy in the same sentence? That’s like mixing oil and water, right? Wrong.

Mike Fallat and Samuel Fleischacker talk about the book Being Me Being You: Adam Smith and Empathy.

We’re not talking about a touchy-feely approach to capitalism here. Fleischacker dissects Smith’s writings, revealing that man was ahead of his time, recognizing that economies need a healthy dose of understanding and shared experiences to thrive. It’s not about cold, calculated transactions; it’s about recognizing the humanity in each economic actor.

As we dissected Smith’s famous phrase, “the impartial spectator,” Fleischacker revealed the profound connection between empathy and the moral compass that guides our decisions. It’s like having an invisible judge in our minds, evaluating our actions based on their impact on others.

Fleischacker doesn’t just stop at the theoretical. He connects Smith’s ideas and the real-world implications for contemporary society. In a world often divided by economic disparities and social injustices, the wisdom of “Being Me Being You” calls us to reassess our values and build a more compassionate future. So, there you have it – a sneak peek into the riveting exploration with Samuel Fleischacker about “Being Me Being You: Adam Smith and Empathy.” It’s a journey into the heart of economics, where empathy isn’t a side note but a driving force. If you’re ready to challenge your perspectives and elevate your understanding of human interaction, this book is your ticket to a mind-expanding experience.

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