Ryan Gottfredson – Author of “The Elevated Leader: Level Up Your Leadership Through Vertical Development”

Elevate Your Leadership: Insights from Ryan Gottfredson’s Interview about “The Elevated Leader”

Mike interviews Ryan Gottfredson.

Ryan Gottfredson delved deep into the transformative principles outlined in his book, “The Elevated Leader: Level Up Your Leadership Through Vertical Development.” The conversation explored the journey toward self-actualization and the importance of mindset shifts in unlocking one’s full potential.


Gottfredson began by emphasizing the need to shift mindset from prevention to promotion. Drawing from his personal experience, he highlighted the significance of transitioning from focusing on avoiding problems to embracing goals and purpose. This shift, he explained, enables individuals to rise above discomfort and pursue their aspirations with unwavering determination.

A pivotal tool in Gottfredson’s journey was the Five Minute Journal, which he initially met with skepticism. However, he soon embraced the practice of daily gratitude, affirmations, and reflection. This simple yet powerful routine helped him strengthen his promotion mindset while weakening his self-protective tendencies. By consistently focusing on making each day great, Gottfredson rewired his neural connections and cultivated a more proactive approach to life.

Mike Fallat and Ryan Gottfredson talk about the book The Elevated Leader: Level Up Your Leadership Through Vertical Development.

The conversation then turned towards vertical development and its significance in leadership. Gottfredson outlined three levels of development: reactive (mind 1.0), intentional (mind 2.0), and value-creating (mind 3.0). He emphasized the importance of creating space in life, embodying abundance, and continually refining one’s mindset to ascend to higher levels of leadership effectiveness.

Gottfredson also shared insights into the role of trauma therapy in facilitating vertical development. He candidly discussed his experience of uncovering childhood emotional neglect and its impact on his adult relationships. He learned to heal past wounds through treatment, cultivate empathy, and embrace vulnerability. This journey of self-discovery empowered him to become a more authentic and empathetic leader.

In conclusion, Ryan Gottfredson’s interview about “The Elevated Leader” offers valuable insights into the transformative power of vertical development. Individuals can elevate their leadership and embody their highest potential through mindset shifts, daily practices, and healing modalities. As we strive to become elevated leaders, let us remember that the journey begins within, and every step toward personal growth is a step toward more significant impact and fulfillment.

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