Robert Carver – Author of “Advanced Futures Trading Strategies”

Demystifying Advanced Futures Trading Strategies: A Candid Conversation with Robert Carver

Mike interviews Robert Carver.

Embarking on a journey through the complex landscape of advanced futures trading, I had the privilege of conversing with the illustrious Robert Carver, an unparalleled expert in systematic trading strategies. Our discussion revolved around Carver’s insightful book, “Advanced Futures Trading Strategies,” which offers an in-depth exploration of the intricate world of financial markets.


Carver, known for his candour and analytical brilliance, took us on a journey beyond conventional trading wisdom. As we dived into the nuances of futures trading, Carver’s book served as a roadmap for traders seeking to navigate the challenges of this dynamic and often perplexing domain.

One of the book’s focal points, and a theme that resonated throughout our conversation, was the concept of systematic trading. Carver’s unwavering commitment to this approach became evident as he explained its merits. Free from personal opinions, systematic trading allows traders to rely on a predefined set of rules and strategies, offering a more objective and unbiased approach to the ever-fluctuating market conditions.

Carver’s pragmatic outlook on the market stood out. He debunked the myth of crystal ball predictions and overconfident forecasts, stressing the importance of acknowledging uncertainty. This perspective, woven into the fabric of his book, encourages traders to embrace the reality that no one can accurately predict the market’s future movements with absolute certainty.

Venturing into the global perspective of futures trading, Carver shared valuable insights into his approach. While some traders may be confined by geographic boundaries, Carver’s strategies transcend borders, emphasizing the need to look at the bigger picture and consider global economic factors.

The conversation touched upon Carver’s pragmatic outlook on the US market, offering a refreshing departure from the prevailing narratives of blind optimism. Emphasizing the consolidation of companies and the increasing dominance of hedge funds, Carver urged individuals to take control of their lives. This candid perspective, echoing the book’s ethos, encourages readers to be realistic about the challenges ahead while fostering a sense of empowerment.

Carver’s book meticulously delves into trading strategies, providing readers with a comprehensive toolkit for navigating the market. The average holding periods, ranging from two weeks to three months, underscore the methodical nature of his approach. Through systematic trading, Carver equips traders with the ability to diversify timeframes, offering a unique advantage in the volatile world of futures.

We transitioned seamlessly into the practicalities of trading, with Carver sharing his unique approach to software. Unfazed by commercially available packages, Carver admitted to writing his own code. This do-it-yourself ethos stems from his belief that understanding the intricacies of the code is imperative, safeguarding traders from potential pitfalls associated with pre-packaged solutions.

As we delved into Carver’s influences, the names of Warren Buffett and Jim Simons emerged. While acknowledging Buffett’s wisdom, Carver parallels Simons and systematic trading. Simons, often dubbed the Warren Buffett of systematic trading, inspires those looking to carve their niche in this intricate field.

Carver’s nuanced perspective on Trump’s economic policies and his preference for Biden added depth to the conversation. This segment reinforced the book’s overarching theme – a thoughtful exploration of trading landscapes in the context of broader political dynamics.

Mike Fallat and Robert Carver talk about the book Advanced Futures Trading Strategies.

From short positions in natural gas and live cattle to long positions in Bitcoin and crude oil, Carver’s insights provided a practical dimension to the book’s theoretical underpinnings. This segment showcased the real-world application of the strategies in “Advanced Futures Trading Strategies.”

Robert Carver recommended a pivotal book that influenced his journey – “The Predictors” by Thomas A. Bass. This thoughtful conclusion encapsulated the essence of our discussion – a deep dive into the world of systematic trading and the luminaries who have shaped its course.

The conversation with Robert Carver offered a glimpse into the heart of “Advanced Futures Trading Strategies.” Carver’s tonality, a unique blend of candour, wisdom, and humility, echoed throughout our dialogue, resonating with traders seeking a realistic and systematic approach to the complexities of futures trading.

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