Renee Rose – Author of “Write to Riches: 7 Practical Steps to Manifesting Abundance from your Books”

Unleashing the Power of Writing: Exploring “Write to Riches” with Renee Rose

Mike interviews Renee Rose.

In this episode of the podcast, bestselling author Renee Rose joins us to discuss the transformative power of writing and how it can lead to abundant success. At the center of our conversation is Renee’s groundbreaking book, “Write to Riches: 7 Practical Steps to Manifesting Abundance from Your Books.”


Renee Rose brings a wealth of experience and insight, having carved out her own path to success through writing. As we discuss her book, Renee and I explore the idea that writing goes far beyond simply putting words on paper—it’s about tapping into the unlimited potential within oneself and manifesting abundance in all aspects of life.

One key takeaway from our conversation is the importance of stepping up in every aspect of life, whether it’s setting prices for your products or investing in personal development. Renee shares her insights on the stepping-up process when it comes to pricing, emphasizing the need for gradual increases rather than sudden jumps. This approach applies to business, personal growth, and self-improvement.

Renee highlights the power of writing to build relationships with readers and followers. By engaging with audiences through social media and offering incentives like discounted prices or free copies of her book, Renee demonstrates how writers can create meaningful connections and turn readers into loyal supporters. It’s not just about selling books—it’s about fostering genuine relationships and providing value to others.

Throughout our conversation, Renee and I emphasize the importance of embracing the journey of writing. From overcoming self-doubt to celebrating small victories, we encourage aspiring writers to adopt a mindset of abundance and possibility. Renee’s personal journey is a testament to the transformative power of writing and the incredible opportunities it can unlock.

One of the fundamental principles discussed in “Write to Riches” is the power of intention and visualization. Renee shares her insights on setting clear intentions and visualizing success as a crucial step in the manifestation process. By aligning thoughts, beliefs, and actions with desired outcomes, writers can harness the power of the mind to create the reality they desire.

Mike Fallat and Renee Rose talk about the book Engaging Heaven for Trade: Living the Principles of a Traded Life.

Renee and I delve into the art of storytelling and the importance of building tension and intrigue in writing. Drawing parallels between attraction and storytelling, we explore the 12 seductive stages inherent in human interactions. From subtle touches to intense moments of connection, writers can use these stages to create compelling narratives that captivate readers and leave them craving more.

As the conversation ends, Renee leaves listeners with a powerful message: to take charge of their writing journey and embrace the possibilities. Whether setting clear intentions, building relationships, or honing their craft, writers can manifest abundance and create the life they desire.

In “Write to Riches,” Renee Rose offers a roadmap for writers to tap into their creative potential and manifest abundance in all areas of life. Through insightful conversations like this, writers can gain valuable insights and inspiration to fuel their writing journey. Anything is possible with the right mindset, intention, and action—and the journey from writing to wealth is just the beginning.

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