Pace Morby – Author of “Wealth without Cash: Supercharge Your Real Estate Investing with Subject-to, Seller Financing, and Other Creative Deals”

From Pressure to Privilege: Navigating Real Estate with Pace Morby’s Wisdom

Mike interviews Pace Morby.

In the dynamic world of real estate investing, navigating the intricacies of deals often requires a unique set of skills and an unyielding entrepreneurial spirit. In a recent podcast episode that excited listeners, Pace Morby engaged in a captivating conversation, unveiling the gems of wisdom shared during this insightful discussion.


Pace Morby, with over a decade of experience in the real estate industry, kicks off the conversation by shedding light on a powerful perspective shift – “Pressure is a privilege, and being stressed is a blessing.” Sharing a personal story from five years ago, Pace delves into a transformative moment that redirected the course of his real estate journey. This episode is a testament to the resilience needed in the face of challenges and the ability to view pressure as a stepping stone to greatness.

Morby reflects on his early years in real estate, where the familiarity of a family legacy in construction led him to pour profits from his real estate ventures back into construction. This resistance to change proved pivotal when a bankruptcy filing by a business associate became the universe’s way of nudging him toward his true calling – real estate. It’s a powerful reminder that sometimes, the most significant breakthroughs come when we break free from the shackles of familiarity and embrace change.

Drawing inspiration from Donald Miller’s concept in “Building a StoryBrand,” Morby narrates his evolution from being a hero in his journey to becoming a guide for others. The shift from personal accomplishments to helping others navigate their paths is a fundamental theme in Morby’s journey, resonating with the idea that a hero can’t emerge if the guide is standing in the way. Morby’s commitment to being a guide underscores the importance of legacy and paying it forward.

Mike Fallat and Pace Morby talk about the book Wealth without Cash: Supercharge Your Real Estate Investing with Subject-to, Seller Financing, and Other Creative Deals.

The spotlight turns to the true rewards of success. Pace introduces the concept of “emotional income,” emphasizing that accurate fulfillment lies in helping others. He shares that the satisfaction of positively impacting someone’s life far outweighs monetary gains. This “helper high” becomes a driving force, akin to Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, where escaping the cave and awakening others becomes a moral obligation for a more meaningful life.

Morby recounts an inspiring story about the janitor who invented Hot Cheetos, highlighting the power of resourcefulness. This tale exemplifies the entrepreneurial mindset of thinking beyond the ordinary, showcasing the significance of breaking away from conventional paths to create monumental success.

He dives into valuable takeaways, emphasizing the importance of speed and convenience in business. He shares insights on effective communication during sales calls, urging entrepreneurs to be direct and respectful of the prospect’s time. The blog echoes the principles of thinking like an entrepreneur. It underscores the idea that success is not just about financial gains but about setting people free and serving the many. Pace Morby’s conversation is a riveting journey through the highs and lows of real estate investing, offering profound insights and actionable takeaways for seasoned investors and those just beginning their journey. “Wealth Without Cash” is not just a book; it’s a guide that propels individuals to embrace change, become heroes in their own stories, and seek the rewarding realm of emotional income.

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