Nishani Vincent and Amy Igou – Authors of “Emerging Technologies for Business Professionals: A Nontechnical Guide to the Governance and Management of Disruptive Technologies”

Navigating the Future: Insights from “Emerging Technologies for Business Professionals” Authors

Mike interviews Nishani Vincent and Amy Igou.

We had the privilege of hosting Nishani Vincent and Amy Igou, the masterminds behind the groundbreaking book, “Emerging Technologies for Business Professionals: A Nontechnical Guide to the Governance and Management of Disruptive Technologies.” These two visionaries shared invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of technology and its implications for businesses and individuals alike.


As we delved into the conversation, it became evident that Nishani and Amy are both authors and forward-thinking leaders with a profound understanding of the intersection between technology and humanity. Their book is a guiding light for navigating the intricate realm of emerging technologies, from AI to blockchain and beyond.

One of the most profound revelations from our discussion was the notion of data as the new currency. Amy eloquently expressed, “Data is power,” highlighting data’s pivotal role in our increasingly digitized world. Those who wield and manage data effectively hold the keys to success. However, with this power comes responsibility for oversight and ethical governance, a point Nishani and Amy emphasize.

Another captivating topic explored during our conversation was the potential impact of AI on society, particularly in the context of relationships and identity. Drawing parallels to the iconic ’80s film “Weird Science,” we contemplated a future where individuals could create digital replicas of themselves for companionship and interaction. While this concept may seem like science fiction, the rapid advancements in AI and deepfake technology make it a plausible reality.

Nevertheless, amidst the excitement of technological innovation, Nishani and Amy cautioned about the dangers of isolation and loss of purpose. As our reliance on technology grows, there is a risk of disconnecting from what makes us human – genuine connections, creativity, and meaningful work. The rise of deepfake technology further complicates this landscape, raising concerns about misinformation and identity theft.

Yet, amid these challenges, there is room for optimism. Both Nishani and Amy highlighted the transformative potential of emerging technologies, citing examples such as AI-generated audiobooks and generative AI tools that enhance productivity and creativity. By embracing these tools responsibly, individuals and businesses can unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Mike Fallat, Nishani Vincent and Amy Igou talk about the book Emerging Technologies for Business Professionals: A Nontechnical Guide to the Governance and Management of Disruptive Technologies.

In a world where technology permeates every aspect of our lives, Nishani and Amy’s message is clear: we must approach emerging technologies with curiosity, caution, and conscientiousness. By fostering a culture of ethical innovation and human-centred design, we can harness the power of technology to build a brighter future for all.

As the conversation drew to a close, we were left with a powerful reminder: amidst the whirlwind of technological change, staying grounded in our humanity is essential. Whether through meaningful relationships, purposeful work, or simply embracing the beauty of the natural world, let us never lose sight of what truly matters.

Nishani Vincent and Amy Igou’s insights provide a thought-provoking glimpse into the future of technology and its implications for businesses and society. Their book, Emerging Technologies for Business Professionals, serves as a roadmap for navigating this brave new world with wisdom, foresight, and compassion. As we embark on this technological transformation journey, let us heed their insights and strive to build a future honouring progress and humanity.

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