Nicolas Lamp – Author of “Six Faces of Globalization: Who Wins, Who Loses, and Why It Matters”

Navigating Global Dynamics: Insights from Nicolas Lamp’s ‘Six Faces of Globalization

Mike interviews Nicolas Lamp.

Today, we’re diving into the intricate web of globalization with Nicolas Lamp, the mastermind behind the enlightening book Six Faces of Globalization: Who Wins, Who Loses, and Why It Matters. Strap yourselves in because this is going to be a mind-expanding ride!


We’re sitting down with Nicolas and delving deep into the heart of globalization. But this ain’t your ordinary chit-chat about tariffs and trade agreements. No, sir! We’re talking about the real stuff—the nitty-gritty details that shape our world in ways we might not even realize.

First things first, Nicolas shares his journey from Germany to Brazil and back again. This ain’t no ordinary tale of travel—it’s a transformational experience that opened his eyes to the realities of globalization. From the treatment of factory workers to the exploitation of indigenous knowledge, Nicolas witnessed it all, and it sparked a fire within him to understand the complex beast known as globalization.

Now, let’s discuss the meat and potatoes of Nicolas’s book. He breaks down globalization into six distinct phases, each with winners, losers, and underlying dynamics. But here’s the kicker—it’s not just about who’s coming out on top; it’s about understanding why. And let me tell you, folks, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill analysis. Nicolas dives deep into the economic, political, and social forces driving globalization, giving us a whole new perspective on this global phenomenon.

But wait, there’s more! We’re not just talking theory here; we’re getting dirty with real-world examples. Nicolas lays it all out, from the Trump administration’s shake-up of trade policies to the complexities of NAFTA 2.0. And here’s the kicker—there’s more common ground between left-wing and right-wing critics of globalization than you might think. It’s a revelation that’ll make you question everything you thought you knew about politics and economics.

Mike Fallat and Nicolas Lamp talk about the book Six Faces of Globalization: Who Wins, Who Loses, and Why It Matters.

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room: foreign aid. Nicolas sets the record straight, explaining that foreign aid ain’t the driving force behind globalization—it’s just one piece of the puzzle. And when it comes to fixing our backyard before helping others, Nicolas offers a fresh perspective. It’s all about finding the balance between self-reliance and global cooperation, folks, and let me tell you, it’s a delicate dance.

But here’s the real kicker, folks: Nicolas wants us to step into the shoes of those we disagree with. He wants us to see the world through their eyes, understand their perspective, and find common ground. It’s a message of empathy, understanding, and, dare I say it, unity. And in today’s divided world, isn’t that something we could all use more of?

Join Nicolas Lamp for a whirlwind tour of globalization. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or just dipping your toes into the world of international relations, his insights will leave you thinking long after the conversation ends. So, grab a copy of “Six Faces of Globalization” and join the discussion—you won’t want to miss it!

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