Michael Ward – Author of “Managerial Economics: A Problem Solving Approach”

Strategic Decision-Making Unraveled: A Conversation with Michael Ward

Mike interviews Michael Ward.

We had the pleasure of hosting Michael Ward, the co-author of “Managerial Economics: A Problem Solving Approach.” Michael delved into the intriguing world of economics, pricing strategies, and the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on business decisions. Buckle up because this conversation will take you on a mind-expanding journey through managerial prowess and economic ingenuity.


Michael Ward shared invaluable insights into the psychology behind pricing, highlighting how companies like Prada and Rolex strategically use pricing to influence consumer behaviour. By offering high-priced luxury items alongside more affordable alternatives, these companies tap into the psychology of perceived value, enticing customers to make purchases they might not have considered otherwise. It’s all about playing the pricing game to maximize profitability while satisfying consumer demands.

But the conversation didn’t stop there. Michael highlighted complementary products and how businesses can leverage them to drive sales. Drawing parallels with the classic “razors and blades” strategy, he emphasized the importance of offering a core product at a low margin to stimulate demand for complementary goods with higher profit margins. This approach enhances customer satisfaction and ensures sustainable revenue streams for businesses in the long run.

He delved into the fascinating realm of game theory and strategic decision-making. He revealed how game theory principles can be applied to negotiation and bargaining strategies, offering a fresh perspective on how individuals and organizations can navigate complex decision landscapes. From understanding the dynamics of trust in repeated interactions to optimizing incentives for better outcomes, the strategic game is a playground where savvy entrepreneurs thrive.

Mike Fallat and Michael Ward talk about the book Life in the Pits: My Time as a Trader on the Rough-and-Tumble Exchange Floors.

But perhaps the most intriguing part of the conversation was the exploration of uncertainty in decision-making. Michael highlighted the delicate balance between gathering information to reduce uncertainty and seizing opportunities before they slip away. He emphasized the importance of incentivizing decision-makers to take calculated risks and embrace uncertainty, citing real-world examples where fear of failure stifled innovation and growth.

As we wrapped up the conversation, Michael shared his recommendations for further reading, including “The Armchair Economist” by Steven Landsburg and “Prediction Machines” by Avi Goldfarb, Joshua Gans, and Ajay Agrawal. These books offer invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of economics and the transformative power of AI, inspiring readers to think critically and adapt to the changing times.

Our conversation with Michael Ward was about the heart of managerial economics, where theory meets practice and innovation reigns supreme. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a curious learner, something can be gained from the wisdom shared in “Managerial Economics: A Problem-Solving Approach.” So dive in, explore new horizons, and unlock the secrets to success in today’s dynamic business world.

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