Michael Breus – Author of “The Power of When Discover Your Chronotype”

Sleep Your Way to Success: A Conversation with Michael Breus on The Power of When

Mike interviews Michael Breus.

In this podcast episode, we delved into the intriguing world of sleep with renowned sleep expert Michael Breus, the author of “The Power of When: Discover Your Chronotype.” This captivating discussion explored the mysteries of sleep and uncovered valuable insights on how understanding your chronotype can unlock your full potential.


The conversation started by addressing the impact of sleep on our daily lives. Personal experiences were shared, highlighting how the amount of sleep can significantly affect one’s well-being. Michael Breus chimed in, drawing parallels between his encounters with sleep and the patterns observed in his patients.

This took an unexpected turn as both hosts revealed a surprising connection – the correlation between sleep habits and the effects of alcohol. The conversation explored how individuals respond differently to too much sleep and how these reactions can evolve with age.

The central theme of the conversation revolved around Michael Breus’s groundbreaking book, “The Power of When.” Adopting a no-nonsense tone, there was an acknowledgment that giving up coffee for the first time was genuinely scary. This led to a broader reflection on societal dependencies on substances and how individuals unwittingly train their bodies to rely on external stimuli.

Michael Breus emphasized the prevalence of misinformation surrounding sleep, particularly the misconceptions related to melatonin. He clarified that melatonin is a hormone, not a sleeping pill, cautioning against the common practice of overdosing on melatonin supplements. The discussion also touched on the inappropriate use of melatonin, stressing that it should only be considered in specific cases such as jet lag, shift work, or specific sleep disorders.

As the conversation unfolded, there was expressed concern about the alarming trend of prescribing pills and supplements, especially to children. Michael Breus echoed this sentiment, highlighting the dangers of over-the-counter medications, particularly those containing diphenhydramine. Startling data linking nightly use of Benadryl to Alzheimer’s disease was revealed, urging listeners to reconsider their dependence on such substances for sleep.

The hosts then ventured into time management, drawing on managing energy rather than time. There was an advocacy for scheduling important tasks during peak energy periods. This segued into a discussion on the importance of setting deadlines, akin to facing a dragon, to drive action and productivity.

Towards the end of the episode, both hosts reflected on personal experiences in reshaping calendars to optimize energy and productivity. Michael Breus shared the transformative impact of making intentional changes, such as refraining from early morning calls and taking Fridays off. This move significantly reduced stress and enhanced personal goal achievement.

Mike Fallat and Michael Breus talk about the book The Power of When Discover Your Chronotype.

In a departure from the usual book recommendations, Michael Breus shared a book that had a defining impact on his life, “The Psychology of Money.” Emphasizing its relevance to financial principles and health principles, he teased a potential future book that explores the intersection of economic and health principles, especially within the entrepreneurial context.

The episode concluded with valuable insights on the interconnectedness of sleep, productivity, and success. There was an emphasis on prioritizing health alongside business success, as a business thriving monetarily while neglecting personal well-being holds little appeal. Michael Breus underscored the profound impact of gifting someone the ability to sleep better, highlighting its potential to foster unwavering loyalty.

This podcast episode featuring Michael Breus offered a deep dive into the critical role of sleep in our lives, dispelling myths and providing practical tips for optimizing daily routines. It was a candid, informative, and occasionally humorous conversation that left listeners with a newfound appreciation for the power of sleep and the potential transformation it can bring to their lives.

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