Matthew May & Pablo Dominguez – Authors of “What a Unicorn Knows: How Leading Entrepreneurs Use Lean Principles to Drive Sustainable Growth”

A Conversation with the Minds Behind ‘What a Unicorn Knows

Mike interviews Matthew May and Pablo Dominguez.

In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, success often seems like an elusive creature, much like a unicorn. But what if there were a way to decipher the enigmatic language of success? Enter the maestros behind the book “What a Unicorn Knows: How Leading Entrepreneurs Use Lean Principles to Drive Sustainable Growth,” by Matthew May and Pablo Dominguez.


Known for his magnetic storytelling prowess, we dive deep into a captivating conversation with Matthew May and Pablo Dominguez, the brilliant minds behind the book “What a Unicorn Knows: How Leading Entrepreneurs Use Lean Principles to Drive Sustainable Growth.”

This isn’t your typical success story – it’s a narrative of strategic accidents, unexpected turns, and the art of making the most out of every twist of fate.

The conversation starts with an intriguing analogy – entrepreneurs are on the hero’s journey. They embark on a quest, facing tests, venturing into the unknown, reaping rewards, and ultimately returning to share the spoils with the masses. It’s a philosophy rooted in the wisdom of Jim Rohn, and as Matthew and Pablo unfold their stories, it becomes clear that the hero’s journey is not a scripted plan but a series of serendipitous events and happy accidents.

Having experienced the corporate world, Matthew reflects on his journey – a travelled path guided by fortuitous encounters. He shares a pivotal moment when a call out of the blue changed the trajectory of his professional life. Working with Toyota, an unexpected opportunity from the unavailability of the initially sought-after facilitator, turned into an eight-year advisory experience. He concludes that life as an entrepreneur is about embracing the unplanned, doing the right thing, and letting the universe pave the way.

Pablo echoes this sentiment, emphasizing that his entrepreneurial journey lacked a grand master plan. After graduating during the dot-com bubble, he declined coding offers, choosing to follow his passion for people instead. A series of events led him to his current role at Insight, from consulting to scaling a company to 400 million. His advice? Shoot first, aim later – a philosophy that encapsulates the essence of a life shaped by unexpected opportunities.

Matthew delves into the remarkable experiences that have left a lasting impression. One CEO’s handwritten note, a rarity in the digital age, delivered to Matthew’s home after a session, exemplifies the power of the little things. It’s a testament to the warmth and authenticity that can set a leader apart. These minor tremors, as Matthew describes them, collectively shape the entrepreneur’s journey.

Mike Fallat, Matthew May and Pablo Dominguez talk about the book What a Unicorn Knows: How Leading Entrepreneurs Use Lean Principles to Drive Sustainable Growth.

Pablo interjects with a valuable lesson – pay attention to the little things, build trust, and genuinely care. He reflects on a leader’s investment in understanding the personal interests of individuals, recounting a story where someone tracked sports preferences to congratulate them on victories. It’s these genuine connections that form the bedrock of successful relationships in business and life.

The duo discusses impactful books that have shaped their perspectives. Matthew revisits Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged,” resonating with the retreat-like movement in today’s world. Pablo takes a more spiritual route, highlighting “The Little Prince” and “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” for their mindset-shifting impact.

In the final leg of the discussion, Matthew throws a curveball – the book that changed their lives outside their creations. Matthew admits to revisiting “Atlas Shrugged,” sensing a timely relevance. Pablo surprises with “Jonathan Livingston Seagull,” a book that influenced his mindset and made its way into a past crush’s hands. The essence of a million-dollar life is encapsulated in wrapping up the episode – the belief that quality of life hinges on thoughts and relationships. As the conversation concludes, listeners are left with an invitation to connect. Insight Partners’ website,, offers a glimpse into their world, while unveils the book’s principles. Connect with Matthew and Pablo on LinkedIn for an authentic exchange about entrepreneurship, lean principles, and the magical journey of chasing unicorns.

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