Matt Rouse – Author of “Will AI Take My Job”

Breaking down the walls of uncertainty and venturing deep into the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) with none other than the brilliant author and digital marketing maestro Matt Rouse.

Mike interviews Matt Rouse.

Matt takes us on an exhilarating ride through the digital landscape, focusing on his thought-provoking book, “Will AI Take My Job.” Buckle up, folks, because this conversation is nothing short of a rollercoaster through the twists and turns of the AI revolution.


Matt Rouse kicks things off by painting a vivid picture of our current reality. Are we living in a dystopian world? It sure seems like it, right? But hold on tight because what’s about to unfold is not just a doom-and-gloom scenario. Matt throws the spotlight on the now, accentuating the challenges we face and the uncertainties that lie ahead. But here’s the kicker – it’s not all bad news. In fact, within the chaos, there’s a golden opportunity for unprecedented freedom.

Picture this: a pendulum swinging back and forth. That’s the trajectory of our future. Matt introduces the concept that as the world becomes more controlled due to AI, it simultaneously opens up doors for escape and freedom. It’s like a dance – a dance between control and liberation. The enthusiasm kicks in, emphasizing the need to ride this wave, learn from it, and ultimately use it to our advantage.

Pros and cons, my friends, pros and cons. Matt and the conversation navigate the tumultuous waters of AI, acknowledging its potential pitfalls while shedding light on the silver lining. Entrepreneurs, this one’s for you! Matt throws down the gauntlet, urging us to use AI as a tool for empowerment. There’s no turning a blind eye; it’s time to rise above the challenges and emerge stronger and more enlightened.

Jobs – the heartbeat of our economic landscape. Matt unveils the puzzle of employment in the age of AI. Brace yourselves because if your gig involves text-based, digital tasks documented to the T, AI might just be knocking on your career’s door. Customer service, for instance, is already feeling the AI embrace, boosting efficiency, slashing wait times, and sending job satisfaction through the roof. The future is now, and it’s time to adapt.

Always one to cut to the chase, the conversation drills down to the real question: Who’s going to feel the heat first? Matt’s got the answer – if your job falls within the three criteria of being text-based, digital, and meticulously documented, you might want to start thinking about a plan B. The reality check is that AI is here, it’s efficient, and it’s already making waves.

Matt’s not just here to drop bombshells; he’s got solutions. It’s a race against AI, and you’ve got three options: Be the absolute best in a role AI can’t replicate, find a similar field with less AI susceptibility, or simply shut your eyes and ears and hope for the best. But, hold up – there’s a golden nugget here. The conversation chimes in with the ultimate solution – become more entrepreneurial, take control, and steer your destiny away from the corporate rollercoaster.

Shifting gears, the conversation throws a curveball at Matt – who’s giving OpenAI a run for its money? Anthropics, with its CEO’s GPT-building expertise, emerges as a formidable contender. The AI competition is heating up, and it’s a race to see who can harness the power of this digital juggernaut the most effectively.

Mike Fallat and Matt Rouse talk about the book Will AI Take My Job

The conversation takes a personal twist as Matt delves into his lifestyle. Living on a hobby farm, embracing the balance between technology and nature, Matt showcases that you can thrive in the digital realm while keeping one foot firmly planted in the more traditional way of life. His daughter’s nightly interactions with AI add a touch of the future-meets-nostalgia vibe.

Matt unveils the secret sauce – the AI toolkit. This isn’t just about adapting; it’s about thriving. Matt spills the beans on how he leverages AI tools to transform a single video into a treasure trove of engaging content across multiple platforms. It’s not just content creation; it’s content domination.

Matt Rouse’s journey into the heart of AI is nothing short of a digital odyssey. From the dystopian uncertainties to the entrepreneurial silver linings, this episode is a testament to the power of adapting, learning, and thriving in the age of AI. So, strap in, folks – the future’s here, and with the right mindset, it’s yours for the taking. Until next time, stay curious, stay bold, and keep riding the waves of knowledge!

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