Mark Osborne – Author of “Are Your Leads Killing Your Business?: Post-Covid Framework proven to attract, accelerate & activate the right clients to double your pipeline & revenues in 90 days for SaaS, Tech & B2B Services firms” 

Unleashing Post-Covid Growth: A Conversation with Mark Osborne on Doubling Revenues in 90 Days

Mike interviews Mark Osborne.

In this electrifying episode, we dive headfirst into post-COVID business growth with only Mark Osborne, the mastermind behind the game-changing book, “Are Your Leads Killing Your Business?” Mark brings decades of expertise in marketing and music, crafting a unique approach to help SaaS, Tech, and B2B services firms attract, accelerate, and activate the right clients, doubling their pipeline and revenues in just 90 days.


The conversation starts with Mark’s profound insight into defining the ideal customer profile. Drawing parallels between the music industry and business, Mark emphasizes the importance of understanding your audience’s emotional and psychological needs. Like a successful band curates its fan base, companies must identify their target market’s personal and professional wins to effectively tailor their messaging.

Mark’s approach isn’t just about acquiring leads, nurturing relationships, and fostering brand loyalty. By reframing referrals as a mutual benefit rather than a mere transaction, businesses can naturally incentivize customers to become brand advocates. Mark’s philosophy echoes the belief that building a tribe of loyal followers is far more impactful than chasing fleeting leads.

We delve into the heart of Mark’s book, where he dismantles the myth of growth hacks and ad spend frenzy. Instead, he advocates for building robust systems that empower marketing and sales teams to collaborate seamlessly. By aligning their efforts towards a shared goal, businesses can achieve sustainable growth without the chaos of finger-pointing and blame games.

Mark’s wisdom extends beyond business strategy; it’s a philosophy for life. He shares his journey from the music industry to marketing, highlighting the power of creating something unique and marketing it effectively. His passion for music and marketing shines through as he recounts his experiences working with legendary bands like John Mayer and Zac Brown Band.

Mike Fallat and Mark Osborne talk about the book Are Your Leads Killing Your Business?: Post-Covid Framework proven to attract, accelerate & activate the right clients to double your pipeline & revenues in 90 days for SaaS, Tech & B2B Services firms.

As we wrap up the conversation, Mark leaves us with a powerful message: b2b growth systems set you free. By embracing a systematic approach to business growth, entrepreneurs can liberate themselves from the burdens of uncertainty and micromanagement. It’s not about working harder; it’s about working smarter and building a legacy that transcends fleeting trends.

Our conversation with Mark Osborne was nothing short of enlightening. His holistic approach to business growth resonates deeply with his storytelling and brand-building philosophy. If you’re ready to unleash your business’s full potential and double your revenues in 90 days, Mark’s book is a must-read roadmap to success.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of post-COVID growth with Mark Osborne and revolutionize your business today!

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