Libor Žídek – Author of “Centrally Planned Economies: Theory and Practice in Socialist Czechoslovakia”

Lessons in Economic Freedom: A Conversation with Libor Žídek

Mike interviews Libor Žídek.

We had a fascinating discussion with author and economist Libor Žídek about his book “Centrally Planned Economies: Theory and Practice in Socialist Czechoslovakia.” The conversation offered profound insights into the economic transformation of Slovakia after the fall of communism, along with thought-provoking reflections on the current global financial landscape. Here’s a closer look at the key takeaways from their engaging dialogue.


One of the central themes of the conversation was the embrace of capitalism and free trade in post-communist Slovakia. Libor highlighted how the country’s shift towards a market economy led to significant increases in GDP per capita, comparable to countries like Italy and Japan. The increase in exports, particularly to Western markets, drove economic growth and prosperity. Furthermore, foreign direct investment helped modernize industries and propel Slovakia onto the global stage as a competitive player in sectors like automotive manufacturing.

The discussion also delved into comparisons between economic systems, particularly contrasting the experiences of Czechoslovakia with the current financial landscape in the United States. While acknowledging the complexities of the global economy, Libor emphasized the importance of free markets, competition, and safeguarding democratic principles. He highlighted the dangers of veering towards extreme ideologies and underscored the value of collaboration and free trade between nations.

Libor articulated a profound belief in the importance of freedom, democracy, and individual autonomy. He underscored the significance of freedom of speech, decentralization, and the ability to pursue one’s dreams and aspirations. Drawing from personal experiences and historical contexts, he stressed the transformative power of allowing people to pursue entrepreneurship and creativity in a free society.

Mike Fallat and Libor Žídek talk about the book Centrally Planned Economies: Theory and Practice in Socialist Czechoslovakia.

We expressed optimism for the future. Despite the challenges and uncertainties of the modern world, they remained steadfast in their belief in the resilience of free societies and the potential for continued progress and prosperity. They called for greater collaboration, respect for democratic norms, and a commitment to preserving the freedoms that underpin our societies.

Libor Žídek offered a compelling exploration of economic transformation, political ideologies, and the pursuit of freedom and prosperity. Through their insightful conversation, they shed light on the lessons of history, the dynamics of global economics, and the enduring importance of embracing free markets and democratic principles. As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, their perspectives guide us toward a future built on liberty, opportunity, and mutual respect.

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