Lee Ann Crockett – Author of “Preventing Fraud in Church Accounting: Common Problems and Practical Solutions that Church Leaders Can’t Afford to Ignore”

Protecting the Flock: Practical Strategies for Preventing Fraud in Church Accounting

Mike interviews Lee Ann Crockett.

We delved into a crucial yet often overlooked aspect of managing church finances: preventing fraud in church accounting. We had the privilege of chatting with Lee Ann Crockett, a seasoned expert in church financial management and the author of “Preventing Fraud in Church Accounting: Common Problems and Practical Solutions that Church Leaders Can’t Afford to Ignore.” Our conversation uncovered invaluable insights and actionable strategies for safeguarding church funds and ensuring financial integrity.


First and foremost, Lee Ann emphasized the importance of background checks and credit reports for individuals handling church finances. As she rightly pointed out, these measures are crucial for identifying potential risks and preventing fraudulent activities. By conducting thorough background checks and monitoring credit reports, churches can mitigate the risk of financial mismanagement and protect their resources.

Moreover, Lee Ann highlighted the significance of leveraging technology to streamline financial processes and enhance transparency. She recommended using tools like QuickBooks Online (QBO) to automate accounting tasks, set up coding rules, and facilitate seamless record-keeping. Additionally, she introduced innovative solutions like Ramp, an app that functions like a debit card with customizable spending limits and enhanced security features.

One of the key takeaways from our conversation was the importance of regular oversight and review of financial statements. Lee Ann stressed that churches need knowledgeable professionals, whether bookkeepers or accountants, to review financial statements regularly. This oversight ensures accuracy, identifies potential discrepancies, and strengthens financial controls.

We also discussed the significance of proper documentation and record-keeping in financial management. Lee Ann highlighted the benefits of automating invoice processing and adopting paperless systems to streamline operations and minimize errors. By maintaining comprehensive records and attaching documentation to transactions, churches can enhance accountability and facilitate auditing processes.

Another crucial aspect of church financial management that we explored was the importance of compliance with regulatory requirements. Lee Ann emphasized the need for churches to stay informed about tax regulations, payroll rules, and other legal obligations. By adhering to regulatory requirements and seeking professional guidance when necessary, churches can avoid costly penalties and legal issues.

Throughout our conversation, Lee Ann shared valuable insights from her extensive experience in church financial management. From her early career auditing for a multinational corporation to her current role assisting churches across the United States, Lee Ann’s expertise shines through in her practical advice and strategic recommendations.

Mike Fallat and Lee Ann Crockett talk about the book Preventing Fraud in Church Accounting: Common Problems and Practical Solutions that Church Leaders Can’t Afford to Ignore.

Preventing fraud in church accounting is a multifaceted endeavour that requires diligence, expertise, and proactive measures. By implementing robust internal controls, leveraging technology, and prioritizing transparency, churches can safeguard their finances and uphold their commitment to stewardship.

If you’re a church leader or involved in financial management, I highly recommend checking out Lee Ann’s book, “Preventing Fraud in Church Accounting,” for invaluable guidance and practical solutions. Together, we can ensure that churches remain beacons of financial integrity and responsible stewardship in our communities.

Stay tuned for more insightful conversations and actionable advice. Until then, remember to protect your finances, empower your community, and make a positive impact on the world.

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