Lawrence Sprung – Author of “Financial Planning Made Personal: How to Create Joy and the Mindset for Success”

Unlocking Joy and Financial Success with Lawrence Sprung

Mike interviews Lawrence Sprung.

Today, we have a conversation to redefine how you think about wealth, happiness, and the essence of living a fulfilling life. We enjoyed talking to Lawrence Sprung, the man behind “Financial Planning Made Personal: How to Create Joy and the Mindset for Success.” Buckle up because this episode is about transforming your approach to money and joy.


We kick things off with a deep dive into the pursuit of happiness. Lawrence presents a refreshing perspective: happiness isn’t just a destination; it’s a journey paved with joyful moments. Think about it. How often do we chase that ever-elusive happiness, only to feel it’s always out of reach? According to Lawrence, these moments of joy are the building blocks that lead us toward that end goal. It’s not about hitting the goal but about recognizing and celebrating incremental progress along the way. This idea is powerfully echoed in Jordan Peterson’s quote about happiness as the realization of progressing toward a goal. For Lawrence, this might very well be the essence of joy.

Lawrence introduces us to his concept of the three-legged stool: mental, physical, and financial health. Imagine sitting on a stool with one leg shorter than the other. Impossible, right? These three areas are interdependent. Neglect one, and the others wobble. This metaphor underscores the importance of a balanced approach to overall well-being. Lawrence emphasizes that improving any one area positively impacts the others. It’s a holistic approach that’s crucial for a fulfilling life.

We also dive into a fascinating discussion on entrepreneurship and philanthropy featuring Elon Musk. Lawrence shares a profound insight from Musk: philanthropy isn’t just about donating money; it’s about creating businesses that solve world problems. Think about Tesla’s mission for sustainable energy. That’s philanthropy in action! Lawrence urges us to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, whether it’s a side gig, writing a book, or any endeavour that raises awareness and funds for causes close to our hearts. Entrepreneurship is about creating value and giving back, no matter the scale.

Lawrence’s personal story adds a robust layer to our conversation. He shares how losing his mother at a young age propelled him into a mission-driven life. This personal loss made him realize that time is finite and we must act with urgency. He talks about setting goals with clear deadlines to create focus and drive. Remember the pre-vacation productivity phenomenon? That’s Parkinson’s Law in action. When you set tight deadlines, you achieve more in less time. Lawrence’s advice is clear: set ambitious yet realistic timelines for your goals. You’re still winning if you miss the mark but make significant progress.

Another gem from our conversation is Lawrence’s take on work-life harmony. Forget work-life balance, which implies a trade-off. Harmony is about integrating work and life seamlessly, especially for entrepreneurs. It’s about creating a life where work and personal moments bring joy and fulfillment. Lawrence and his wife have mastered this by ensuring their business activities align with their family goals, creating a harmonious and joyful life.

Mike Fallat and Lawrence Sprung talk about the book Financial Planning Made Personal: How to Create Joy and the Mindset for Success.

Lawrence’s philosophy extends to creating memorable moments for his clients. He shares a heartwarming example of planning a retirement celebration for a pilot client. This event isn’t just a financial milestone; it’s a significant, joyful moment that Lawrence and his team orchestrate. It’s a testament to how his approach to financial planning goes beyond numbers, focusing on enriching lives.

We couldn’t wrap up without some book recommendations. Lawrence suggests “The Power of Moments” by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, a must-read for anyone looking to create meaningful experiences in their personal and professional lives. This book aligns perfectly with his philosophy of designing joyful moments that leave a lasting impact.

This episode is a treasure trove of insights. Lawrence Sprung’s approach to financial planning is a breath of fresh air in a field often dominated by dry numbers and profit margins. His focus on joy, integrated well-being, and a mission-driven life is inspiring and actionable. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a corporate executive, or someone looking to find more joy in your financial journey, Lawrence’s book “Financial Planning Made Personal” is a guide worth exploring.

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