Kelly LaVallie – Author of “Untying the Knot: Protecting Your Emotional and Financial Health During Divorce”

Unlocking Life’s Resilience: A Conversation with Kelly LaVallie on Navigating Divorce

Mike interviews Kelly LaVallie.

In the latest episode of the Million Dollar Stories, we dove into the depths of resilience, personal growth, and the journey through divorce with the remarkable Kelly LaVallie, author of “Untying the Knot: Protecting Your Emotional and Financial Health During Divorce.” This conversation was enlightening as Kelly shared her insights, experiences, and invaluable advice on navigating one of life’s most challenging transitions.


Drawing from her own experiences, Kelly highlighted the inherent value of long-term relationship commitment. Having been in two very long relationships, including a 20-year marriage, she emphasized the deep connection, understanding, and acceptance that comes with time. There’s something profound about being with someone who truly knows you and vice versa, holding each other’s memories and navigating life’s journey together.

One key takeaway from Kelly’s wisdom is the importance of not putting all your eggs in one basket. Whether it’s in relationships or business, maintaining personal resilience is vital. Kelly beautifully articulated how enriching your life with diverse experiences, passions, and hobbies makes you more resilient and enhances the central aspects of your life. It’s like adding different flavours to your favourite dish; it makes it more prosperous and satisfying.

Drawing from Carl Jung’s philosophy, Kelly discussed how divorce or other significant life changes can serve as “Ground Zero moments.” While incredibly uncomfortable, these moments can catalyze profound self-awareness and growth. It’s an opportunity to reassess who you are and what you truly want and to build the life you desire from the ground up.

Kelly emphasized the importance of having a backup plan, not just in business but also in relationships. Just as you would have an exit strategy for a company, it’s essential to cultivate resilience and maintain a rich and diverse life, regardless of your relationship status. This proactive approach ensures that you’re prepared for whatever life throws your way and enables you to thrive, no matter the circumstances.

Mike Fallat and Kelly LaVallie talk about the book Untying the Knot: Protecting Your Emotional and Financial Health During Divorce.

Kelly’s pragmatic approach to divorce advisory work shines through as she offers guidance and support to those navigating financially complex divorces. Her willingness to help, even beyond taking on new clients, demonstrates her genuine passion for assisting others during challenging times. Through her book, her social media presence, and her willingness to share her experiences, Kelly is making a positive impact in the lives of many.

Our conversation with Kelly LaVallie was about divorce, resilience, personal growth, and embracing life’s challenges as opportunities for transformation. Her insights are a beacon of hope for anyone facing difficult transitions, reminding us that we can overcome adversity and create a life filled with purpose, passion, and resilience.

So, here’s to unlocking life’s resilience, embracing change, and navigating the journey with grace and courage, just like Kelly LaVallie.

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