Kasey Anton – Author of “Profit First for Restaurants: Transform Your Money-Eating Restaurant Into a Cash-Making Machine”

Transform Your Restaurant’s Finances with Profit First: Insights from Kasey Anton

Mike interviews Kasey Anton.

In this podcast episode, Kasey Anton shared invaluable insights from her book Profit First for Restaurants: Transform Your Money-Eating Restaurant Into a Cash-Making Machine. Anton, a seasoned restaurant consulting and accounting expert, delved into practical strategies to revolutionize restaurant owners’ financial management.


Anton’s approach, inspired by the Profit First methodology, challenges traditional accounting practices by prioritizing profit from the outset. She emphasizes that profitability should not be an afterthought but should drive financial decisions immediately. As she explains, this approach ensures that restaurants survive and thrive in competitive markets.

One of the key concepts discussed was Parkinson’s Law, which suggests that work expands to fill the time allotted. Anton applies this law to financial management, highlighting that resources, including money, are often stretched to meet perceived needs. By adopting the Profit First technique, which involves allocating profits before expenses, restaurant owners can create a more disciplined financial strategy that forces efficiency and creativity.

Drawing parallels between financial strategy and customer experience, Anton underscores the importance of personal touch in hospitality. She shares anecdotes about creating memorable dining experiences that go beyond culinary excellence. Anton’s insights resonate with her belief that restaurants should consistently focus on creating joy and exceeding customer expectations.

Anton also draws from the principles outlined in “Unreasonable Hospitality,” emphasizing how exceptional service can elevate a restaurant’s reputation and profitability. She recounts stories of exceeding to delight customers, showcasing how small gestures can leave a lasting impression and generate word-of-mouth referrals.

Throughout the conversation, Anton addresses common challenges restaurant owners face, such as fluctuating revenue and operational costs. She advocates for a proactive approach to financial planning, urging owners to build their business models around consistent performance rather than occasional windfalls.

At its core, Anton’s message transcends financial advice; it’s about fostering genuine connections with customers and staff. By prioritizing hospitality and personalization, restaurants can differentiate themselves in a saturated market and cultivate loyal patrons.

Mike Fallat and Kasey Anton talk about the book Profit First for Restaurants: Transform Your Money-Eating Restaurant Into a Cash-Making Machine.

Anton’s insights from Profit First for Restaurants offer actionable steps for restaurant owners looking to transform their financial health:

  • Implement Profit First methodology to prioritize profit margins.
  • Embrace Parkinson’s Law to drive efficiency and creativity.
  • Focus on delivering exceptional hospitality to build customer loyalty.
  • Integrate personal touches to enhance the dining experience.

Kasey Anton’s interview encapsulates a refreshing perspective on restaurant management that combines financial acumen with a passion for hospitality. Her book, Profit First for Restaurants, is a practical guide for restaurateurs to navigate financial challenges while delivering exceptional customer experiences. By adopting Anton’s strategies, restaurant owners can survive and thrive in an ever-evolving industry.

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