Joyce Brand – Author of “Economics and the Spiritual Life of Free Men: Re-Imagining Our Emergent World Society”

Economics and the Spiritual Life of Free Men: Re-Imagining Our Emergent World Society with Joyce Brand

Mike interviews Joyce Brand.

In a recent episode, Joyce Brand engages in a riveting conversation, delving deep into the heart of her book, “Economics and the Spiritual Life of Free Men: Re-Imagining Our Emergent World Society.” As a thought leader and entrepreneur, Joyce unveils compelling insights that challenge the status quo and inspire a reimagining of our societal structures.


Joyce starts the discussion by exploring the profound connection between spirituality and economics. She argues that the government’s welfare programs often strip people of their spirituality by fostering entitlement instead of gratitude. This leads to a lack of incentive for personal improvement, a critical factor in pursuing a meaningful life. She emphasizes the importance of personal charity and free cities where individuals can exercise autonomy, fostering gratitude and reciprocity.

She introduces the concept of reciprocity, a powerful force that drives individuals to give back when they receive help. By focusing on building something better instead of dwelling on the negatives, she advocates for a positive and directed approach to creating a society free from coercive political government. The discussion touches upon the transformative impact of small jurisdictions and special economic zones, citing success stories like Shenzhen, Singapore, and Dubai.

Joyce Brand draws inspiration from Spencer Heath’s teachings, emphasizing replacing coercive political governments with innovative solutions. Spencer’s vision centers around decentralization, believing empowering cities, communities, and individuals is the key to human flourishing. The discussion highlights the importance of proactively building something better rather than fighting against existing systems.

The conversation takes a spiritual turn as Joyce discusses the “gift of endless dreams,” a concept rooted in freedom. Individuals can dream without limits in free cities like Co.Don Morrisania, where legal autonomy allows for boundless creativity. Spencer Heath’s vision of humanity becoming more godlike and, therefore, more creative is echoed in the freedom to pursue endless dreams.

Mike Fallat and Joyce Brand talk about the book Economics and the Spiritual Life of Free Men: Re-Imagining Our Emergent World Society.

Joyce offers a glimpse into her upcoming book, “Pioneering Prosperity” The book explores the idea of free cities where entrepreneurs lead the way in shaping the future of business and society. With a focus on incentives, consent, justice, and human flourishing, the Morrisania model advocates for decentralized power structures and autonomy.

The conversation closes with a reflection on the current state of the world. Joyce acknowledges the hopelessness but offers a ray of hope through the growing awareness of alternatives. From national divorce to states considering secession, decentralization is becoming a reality. The discussion emphasizes the importance of individual actions, the pursuit of virtues, and the gradual building of communities that thrive on autonomy.

Joyce Brand’s interview is a journey into the intersection of economics and spirituality, offering a fresh perspective on reimagining our societal structures. Her insights, rooted in the teachings of Spencer Heath, inspire a proactive approach to building a better world. As we eagerly await Joyce’s upcoming book, “Pioneering Prosperity,” it’s clear that the seeds of change are being sown, and the path to a more liberated and flourishing society lies in the hands of those who dare to dream endlessly and act boldly.

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