José Beekers – Author of “DISCOVER Your FREEDOM!: You Are More Than You Think You Are”

Unlocking the Matrix of Self-Discovery: A Profound Conversation with José Beekers

Mike interviews José Beekers.

In an engaging episode, the insightful José Beekers, author of the transformative book “DISCOVER your FREEDOM!: You Are More Than You Think You Are, ” delves into a profound conversation. As she shares her journey of self-discovery, Beekers provides invaluable insights for those seeking freedom and authenticity.


José Beekers eloquently begins by highlighting the transformative nature of change, emphasizing how personal evolution can ripple through one’s connections. She beautifully describes life’s ever-changing landscape, where shedding old connections leads to the emergence of new ones, showcasing the interconnectedness of individual change within the broader cosmic tapestry.

A poignant conversation occurs around having two identities during a pivotal crossroads. Beekers candidly reflects on her experience of cognitive dissonance, navigating the duality that eventually culminated in the fusion of the old and the new. Her reflections resonate deeply, offering solace to those navigating similar crossroads, assuring them that discomfort is integral to the transformative journey.

Beekers emphasizes the importance of not identifying with societal roles and expectations. Her advice, rooted in personal experience, encourages individuals to transcend the fear of the unknown and deeply trust their existence without the noise of external influences.

The heart of the discussion lies in Beekers’ description of her metamorphosis, which spans five to six years. With vulnerability and authenticity, she shares the challenges of letting go, underscoring age’s role in the depth of transformation. Her journey, outlined in her book, guides those seeking their path to freedom with the understanding that occasional backward steps are part of the intricate dance of self-discovery.

The conversation seamlessly transitions to the literature shaping Beekers’ journey, including Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth” and “The Power of Now.” Her reflections on these influential books contribute to her expansive worldview and offer timeless wisdom.

Drawing parallels with her transformative journey, Beekers addresses the question of advising one’s younger self. Her response encapsulates the essence of her teachings – a reminder to shed worries about others’ opinions and a call to avoid dependence on external validation. Her words resonate with many’s struggles during their formative years, encouraging authenticity and self-acceptance.

Mike Fallat and José Beekers talk about the book DISCOVER Your FREEDOM!: You Are More Than You Think You Are.

In the latter part of the episode, Beekers shares insights into societal pressures amplified by modern tools like social media. She highlights the urgency for individuals to recognize the need for internal validation, urging them to break free from the shackles of societal expectations.

For those captivated by José Beekers’ wisdom, her website becomes a beacon of guidance. With coaching sessions, events, and a wealth of resources, individuals seeking a roadmap to their freedom can find solace in Beekers’ teachings. Laced with humour and practicality, her approach resonates with those yearning to escape the matrix and master their destinies.

This conversation with José Beekers is a beacon of inspiration for those navigating the tumultuous seas of self-discovery. Through her transformative journey, Beekers offers a roadmap to shed societal expectations, embrace authenticity, and discover the boundless freedom that lies within. In a world of chaos, Beekers’ teachings provide a timely guide for those yearning to escape the matrix and step into self-mastery.

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