Johann Nogueira – Author of “Guest Speaker Success: 10 Proven Speakers to Elevate Your Platform Success”

Elevate Your Platform Success: A Candid Conversation with Johann Nogueira

Mike interviews Johann Nogueira.

Johann Nogueira shares a remarkable dialogue, delving deep into the world of public speaking and the invaluable insights he penned in his book, “Guest Speaker Success: 10 Proven Speakers to Elevate Your Platform Success.” It’s a conversation that crackles with energy as Nogueira shares the secrets to becoming an exceptional guest speaker, his personal journey, and the powerful lessons he imparts to his children.


The interview kicks off with a mantra that’s instantly relatable yet profoundly impactful. Nogueira reveals a ritual he shares with his kids, urging them to reflect on a daily question: “Did you produce and consume today?” It’s a simple yet powerful way to instill a decision-making matrix focused on continuous learning and contribution. This philosophy sets the tone for the entire discussion, emphasizing the importance of personal gain and the value one can bring to others.

A standout moment in the conversation centers around Nogueira’s son and his approach to friendships. Nogueira proudly shares how his son dedicates time to studying and researching topics of interest, ensuring that when friends come over, he can engage in meaningful conversations and impart knowledge. It’s a beautiful example of nurturing a mindset that revolves around adding value to others, a philosophy Nogueira passionately advocates.

As the conversation unfolds, Nogueira illustrates the impact of this mindset by sharing a personal story about his son’s entrepreneurial spirit. When faced with a desire to earn more money, Nogueira’s son strategically identified an opportunity, demonstrating the power of adding value to others. This anecdote beautifully encapsulates the essence of Nogueira’s teachings – the importance of continuous learning, sharing knowledge, and positively impacting those around us.

The discussion seamlessly transitions into entrepreneurship, with Nogueira emphasizing the significance of developing authority in one’s chosen field. Drawing parallels between his son’s approach to learning and an entrepreneur’s journey, Nogueira highlights the symbiotic relationship between personal development and marketplace impact. It’s a compelling argument for the idea that authority is earned through knowledge, experiences, and a genuine desire to help others.

Nogueira doesn’t shy away from sharing personal success stories, including a heartwarming narrative about a charitable initiative born out of a family tragedy. Inspired to make a difference, Nogueira and his family turned a simple idea into a full-fledged business – a board game company with a unique twist. This venture, powered by Nogueira’s children, stands as a testament to their creativity and a perpetual source of support for various causes. It’s a prime example of how a single idea, fueled by determination and grit, can evolve into a legacy of impact.

Mike Fallat and Johann Nogueira talk about the book Guest Speaker Success: 10 Proven Speakers to Elevate Your Platform Success.

The conversation turns exciting as Nogueira introduces his company, a cutting-edge AI tool designed for lead generation. An avid user of GHL (Get Heard Loud) expresses intrigue, setting the stage for an insightful exploration of Nogueira passionately breaks down the tool’s capabilities, emphasizing its versatility in B2B and B2C scenarios. The real-world examples, from helping restaurants target specific office buildings to aiding a sales professional in reaching chiropractors, showcase the tool’s adaptability and effectiveness.

Nogueira enthusiastically shares Bill Glazer’s “Outrageous Advertising,” an invaluable resource for anyone looking to grow their company through unconventional yet highly effective marketing strategies. The recommendation aligns seamlessly with Nogueira’s ethos of thinking like an entrepreneur, seizing opportunities in chaos, and being the hero of your own story.

This conversation is a masterclass leveraging personal development, entrepreneurship, and innovative tools for lasting impact. Nogueira’s insights, stemming from his book “Guest Speaker Success,” resonate with the idea that success is not just about personal achievements but the ability to elevate others. It’s a compelling narrative that leaves listeners inspired, equipped with practical strategies, and eager to embark on their own journey toward platform success.

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