Johan Fourie – Author of “Our Long Walk to Economic Freedom”

Exploring the Essence of Economic Freedom: A Historical Expedition with Johan Fourie

Mike interviews Johan Fourie.

Join us diving headfirst into the intriguing world of economic freedom with the brilliant Johan Fourie. In this exclusive episode, we uncovered the secrets hidden within the pages of his enlightening book, “Our Long Walk to Economic Freedom: Lessons from 100,000 Years of Human History.” So, grab your favourite cup of coffee and settle in because this journey through history is about reshaping how you view the world.


In a world where economic freedom isn’t just a buzzword but a fundamental concept shaping human history. Johan Fourie takes us on a fascinating expedition through time, unveiling the intricacies of our current economic landscape. Every step, from the agricultural revolution to the advent of generative AI, has paved the way for the unprecedented freedoms we enjoy today.

As we delved deeper into Johan’s insights, a shocking revelation surfaced – we’re living in the golden age of human existence. With all the technological marvels, healthcare advancements, and global connectivity, would you rather be the wealthiest individual 300 years ago? The resounding answer is a testament to the power of progress, and Johan Fourie provides the historical context that amplifies this reality.

One of the key takeaways from our conversation with Johan is the paramount importance of financial literacy. In a world where the ability to make informed decisions about our money directly impacts our economic freedom, understanding the principles of financial literacy becomes a beacon of empowerment. Johan’s emphasis on diversification and avoiding the pitfalls of putting all your eggs in one basket echoes the sentiments of financial gurus like Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Robbins.

Now, where the rich seem to get richer and the poor face growing economic disparities, education emerges as the ultimate game-changer. Johan highlights the transformative power of knowledge, especially in the realm of financial literacy. As he navigates the significance of understanding how the world works, we’re reminded that education is the cornerstone of personal and economic growth.

Mike Fallat and Johan Fourie talk about the book Our Long Walk to Economic Freedom

While basking in the glory of economic freedom, Johan issues a cautionary note. The fear of manipulative powers – be it political or economic elites – threatens the delicate balance of a system that thrives on shared prosperity. The democratic system, Johan argues, is our shield against undue influence, urging us to guard our economic freedom with vigilance.

He graciously shared two book recommendations for our avid readers. First on the list is a riveting exploration of the origins of venture capital in America, providing insights into the technological revolution of the 1960s to 1980s. And for those intrigued by the vibrant tapestry of South Africa, Tony Steinberg’s “The Cape of Good Hope” offers a poignant journey of a Somalian migrant seeking economic freedom.

This episode with Johan Fourie has been nothing short of a masterclass in economic history and freedom. As we bid adieu, let’s carry forward the lessons learned – from the importance of financial literacy to the vigilance needed to protect our economic freedoms. Stay tuned!

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