Joel Mokyr – Author of “A Culture of Growth: The Origins of the Modern Economy (Graz Schumpeter Lectures)”

Exploring the Origins of Modern Economy with Joel Mokyr

Mike interviews Joel Mokyr.

Welcome to another enlightening episode where we dive deep into the heart of economic evolution. Today, we are thrilled to have Joel Mokyr, renowned author of A Culture of Growth: The Origins of the Modern Economy, join us. This book is not just a scholarly work but a journey through the corridors of history that shaped our world today.


Joel Mokyr is a distinguished economist whose insights into the origins of modern economic growth have reshaped how we perceive the past. His exploration in A Culture of Growth delves into the cultural, intellectual, and institutional factors that laid the foundation for the explosive economic developments of recent centuries.

In this episode, we engage in a riveting conversation about the book’s core themes. We unravel the intricate tapestry of historical events and cultural shifts that have propelled humanity from agrarian societies to the industrial revolution and beyond.

Mokyr’s book challenges conventional narratives by emphasizing the critical role of ideas, knowledge, and innovation in economic progress. He argues that it was not just material resources or political structures that sparked growth but a profound cultural change that encouraged experimentation, entrepreneurship, and scientific inquiry.

Mokyr emphasizes that economic progress is deeply intertwined with intellectual advancements. The shift towards a culture that values and rewards innovation and creativity was pivotal in driving the industrial revolution.

Institutions play a crucial role in fostering an environment where new ideas can flourish. Mokyr explores how certain societies developed institutions that supported risk-taking and entrepreneurial endeavours, accelerating economic growth.

We delve into how technological advancements acted as catalysts for economic transformations. From the invention of the printing press to the steam engine, each innovation created ripple effects that reshaped economies and societies.

Mike Fallat and Joel Mokyr talk about the book A Culture of Growth: The Origins of the Modern Economy (Graz Schumpeter Lectures).

Mokyr’s analysis isn’t confined to a single region or era. He examines how different cultures and civilizations contributed to the global pool of knowledge and innovation, demonstrating that economic growth is a collaborative and interconnected phenomenon.

As we conclude our discussion, we reflect on the relevance of these historical insights in today’s world. Understanding the roots of economic growth can inform policies that promote innovation, education, and institutional reform.

Joel Mokyr’s A Culture of Growth is not just a book; it’s a testament to the power of ideas and the resilience of human creativity. In this episode, we’ve endeavoured to capture the transformative impact of cultural shifts on economic trajectories.

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