Jocelyn Wreede – Author of “The Voice Inside Going From Lost to Found”

A Journey of Unyielding Resilience and Limitless Inspiration

Mike interviews Jocelyn Wreede.

In the realm of unstoppable entrepreneurs, few forces are as dynamic as Jocelyn Reed. The recent episode featuring her was nothing short of a revelation, a rollercoaster ride through her extraordinary life, brimming with resilience, faith, and an unwavering commitment to never giving up.


Jocelyn recounts her recent venture to a colossal limitless event in Utah. A road trip through the scenic landscapes led to the Maverick Center, where over 7000 people gathered. The energy was palpable, and the lineup of speakers—around 30—made it an all-day affair. The Maverick Center transformed into a hub of inspiration, where big-time entrepreneurs mingled, shared insights, and left an indelible mark on Jocelyn’s journey.

As the day-long event unfolded, exhaustion crept in, but so did the determination to soak in every moment. The night didn’t end with the last speaker; it morphed into an after-party that saw Jocelyn navigating the dance floor with a crowd of 20-somethings. A surreal moment unfolded when the restaurant owner mistook her and her husband for the party host’s parents—a humorous testament to the age diversity at the event.

When asked about her biggest takeaway from the Utah experience, Jocelyn’s response resonates with the essence of her journey: “Don’t quit.” It’s a mantra that echoes through the masterminds, a refrain from coaches and speakers alike. Jocelyn reflects on her past, acknowledging the numerous false starts and abandoned ventures. The Utah event became a turning point, reinforcing the idea that perseverance is the key. “Just keep going, even on the toughest days,” she emphasizes.

Jocelyn’s journey mirrors the rollercoaster ride many entrepreneurs face. She admits to questioning whether her personal development and self-growth investment had inadvertently jeopardized her family’s stability. But the resounding advice from the masterminds echoes in her mind: “Do not quit.”

The revelation that she’s been teaching herself how to use a computer in the past year is inspiring. Google and YouTube have become her trusted allies in this self-imposed crash course. The takeaway here? Entrepreneurship is not just about the glitzy events but also about embracing the steep learning curves and evolving with the times.

At the heart of Jocelyn’s journey lies her unwavering faith. The mention of Psalms 5015 and Psalms 5611 reveals the anchor that guided her through tumultuous times. The scriptures served as a shield, a reminder that a higher power was watching over her no matter the challenges. It’s a theme that resonates throughout her life, from childhood struggles to the entrepreneurial battles of today.

Mike Fallat and Jocelyn Wreede talk about the book The Voice Inside Going From Lost to Found

Jocelyn has become a beacon of inspiration. Her story is about personal triumph and the responsibility to inspire others. The astute host of the Million Dollar Book Club dives into the power of inspiration. He emphasizes the ripple effect of sharing one’s journey and the moral obligation to let people know what you’ve discovered.

She is not content with just publishing a book—she envisions it as the beginning of a transformative journey. Her sights are set on turning her story into a movie, a move that aligns seamlessly with her unwavering commitment to inspire and motivate others.

In the world, according to Jocelyn Reed, quitting is not an option, and every hurdle is a stepping stone to greatness. Her journey is a testament to the power of faith, resilience, and the unyielding spirit of entrepreneurship. As we await the next chapter in her extraordinary life, one thing is sure: Jocelyn Reed is not just an entrepreneur; she’s a force to be reckoned with, a beacon of inspiration in the vast landscape of limitless possibilities.

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