Jennifer Pestikas – Author of “Brave Women at Work Lessons in Confidence”

Breaking Barriers: Unveiling the Empowering Journey in ‘Brave Women at Work: Lessons in Confidence’ with Jennifer Pestikas.

Mike interviews Jennifer Pestikas.

In a recent captivating conversation with Jennifer Pestikas, the author of “Brave Women at Work: Lessons in Confidence,” we delve into the empowering world of women overcoming barriers in various industries. This compelling discussion touches upon the book’s essence, shedding light on shared experiences, fears, and the transformative journey toward confidence. Let’s explore the wisdom shared by Jennifer and unravel the transformative power of confidence, resilience, and leadership.


Jennifer shares insights into the diverse backgrounds of the contributors to her book. Hailing from academia, business, pharma, consulting, and more, the women featured in “Brave Women at Work” reveal a common thread—similarities and shared undertones in their stories. The resonance of experiences across different industries brings forth the universality of challenges faced by women, emphasizing the significance of the lessons on confidence presented in the book.

An intriguing revelation surfaces during the conversation—Jennifer reflects on a noteworthy fact uncovered during the editorial process. Notably, none of the female authors in the book mentioned the word “promotion” in their first drafts. This reluctance to openly acknowledge their achievements stems from societal conditioning, where women are often taught to downplay their successes. Jennifer emphasizes the importance of breaking this pattern and celebrating achievements boldly, challenging the imposter syndrome that tends to silence accomplishments.

The conversation takes a more profound turn as Jennifer discusses the layered fears experienced by the women contributing to the book. Some grapple with imposter syndrome in real time, doubting their capabilities even as they write a book on confidence. The fears range from fear of failure to fear of success, a paradoxical apprehension that Jennifer identifies as a universal struggle. The book becomes a roadmap for women navigating their paths to success by unravelling these fears and embracing personal and professional power.

As Jennifer shares her insights, she stresses the importance of building a support system. Drawing from her personal experience, she acknowledges that attempting to go it alone is a misconception. The significance of mentors, sponsors, and a supportive network of like-minded individuals becomes evident. Jennifer encourages women to surround themselves with a posse that will mentor, open doors, and provide the necessary support to fuel their growth and success.

Mike Fallat and Jennifer Pestikas talk about the book Brave Women at Work Lessons in Confidence.

A poignant aspect of the conversation revolves around the changing landscape for young girls today. Jennifer acknowledges the rising movement of women stepping into their power. As a mother of two daughters, she sees herself as part of an army inspiring women to rise. Jennifer’s commitment to paving the way for her daughters is palpable, underscoring the importance of being a beacon of possibility for the next generation.

This dynamic exploration of Jennifer Pestikas’s insights vividly portrays the transformative journey of women emerging victorious in the face of challenges. “Brave Women at Work: Lessons in Confidence” stands not just as a book but as a testament to the collective strength of women across diverse fields. The conversation inspires us to break free from self-imposed limitations, acknowledge achievements boldly, and cultivate a robust support system for personal and professional growth.

As Jennifer Pestikas continues to lead the charge in empowering women, her upcoming book on leadership promises to be another milestone in the ongoing narrative of confidence, resilience, and leadership. Stay tuned for more empowering stories and insights from the indomitable Jennifer Pestikas.

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