Jeanette Abney – Author of “The Making of a Successful Business Woman: 20 Women Share Their Inspiring Journey to Becoming an Entrepreneur”

The Audacity of Imperfection: Jeanette Abney’s Entrepreneurial Triumph Unveiled

Mike interviews Jeanette Abney.

In the dynamic realm of entrepreneurship, some stories stand out—narratives of resilience, determination, and the audacity to break free from convention. In a recent episode, we dive into Jeanette Abney’s compelling journey, exploring her experiences, triumphs, and the invaluable lessons that have shaped her into the powerhouse she is today.


One of the key takeaways from Jeanette’s entrepreneurial journey is encapsulated in what’s aptly described as the “Ready, Fire, Aim” philosophy. It’s the audacious belief in going for it without waiting for perfection. Jeanette embodies this superpower in the entrepreneurial space—short, quick, and unafraid of imperfections. Regardless of whether she has all the resources, she emphasizes the inevitability of making mistakes and the importance of birthing ideas into the world.

Jeanette’s story takes a poignant turn as she reflects on her mother’s passing, a pivotal moment that inspired her to delve into the entrepreneurial realm. Her podcast, a seven-year venture with Jay Precious, is a testament to her strength and resilience. Her family’s initial fear of her aspirations, stemming from a sense of threat, only fueled her determination to make a difference. Through her experiences, Jeanette learned to face challenges head-on and respond in unexpected ways, showcasing a strength that garnered respect and support from others.

Mike Fallat and Jeanette Abney talk about the book The Making of a Successful Business Woman: 20 Women Share Their Inspiring Journey to Becoming an Entrepreneur.

A recurring theme in Jeanette’s narrative is her commitment to doing the right thing, irrespective of external factors or financial gains. Her success, she argues, is not defined by her bank account but by the purity of her intentions. The philosophy of doing the right thing, especially when nobody’s watching, has been a cornerstone of her journey. It’s a principle that has not only guided her through storms but has also become a source of her success.

In the interview, Jeanette reveals two pivotal books in her entrepreneurial journey. Earl Graves’s “How to Succeed in Business Without Being White” became a guide when she navigated unfamiliar territory. This book, filled with practical insights, helped her weather investigations by the IRS and other challenges. Another book, “The Woman’s Code” by Sophia Nelson, became a source of strength for Jeanette, particularly in dealing with low self-esteem and relational issues. These books, she claims, were her saving grace during unforeseen storms.

The unplanned nature of her discoveries makes Jeanette’s story even more remarkable. Buying popcorn from a young entrepreneur at her doorstep led to a subscription to Black Enterprise magazine, which ultimately introduced her to the book that changed her life. It’s a testament to the serendipity that occurs when one is ready to embrace new opportunities. Jeanette Abney’s journey is not just a narrative of entrepreneurial success; it’s a saga of resilience, courage, and the willingness to navigate uncharted territories. The “Ready, Fire, Aim” philosophy, the commitment to doing the right thing, and the unexpected discoveries paint a vivid picture of an entrepreneur who defies the odds. Her story inspires aspiring entrepreneurs, reminding them that success often lies in the courage to embrace imperfections and face challenges head-on.

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