Ivo Sarjanovic – Author of “Commodities as an Asset Class”

Beyond Possessions: Ivo Sarjanovic’s Take on Assets, Cash Flow, and the Path to Prosperity

Mike interviews Ivo Sarjanovic.

The brilliant Ivo Sarjanovic shared insights into the mysteries behind commodities as an asset class. The conversation delved into Ivo’s eye-opening book, challenging conventional wisdom and redefining the very essence of assets.


The journey begins with Ivo recounting the pivotal moment that set him on this path of financial enlightenment—the discovery of a book that not only altered his perspective but also sparked a fundamental shift in how he perceived assets. For Ivo, the key lay in understanding that an asset isn’t just something you own; it’s a powerful tool that can generate consistent cash flow.

Contrary to the common belief that assets are primarily tangible possessions like houses, cars, or businesses, Ivo, drawing inspiration from Robert Kiyosaki’s teachings, emphasizes the importance of cash flow. He challenges the notion that an asset remains an asset throughout its existence, highlighting the phases where it might transform into a liability, draining more resources than it generates.

Ivo offers a strategic three-step plan for individuals, especially those in college or their early 30s, to start accumulating assets rapidly: generate income, avoid excessive consumption, and save the surplus for intelligent investments. He emphasizes the need for a game plan to kickstart the income-generating process before delving into the world of asset accumulation.

The conversation turns towards the alarming rise in consumer debt, particularly in the United States. We dissect the reasons behind this surge, debating whether it results from inflation, spending habits, or government interventions. Drawing from his experiences in Argentina and Switzerland, Ivo sheds light on how economic stability—or the lack thereof—can impact people’s understanding of financial literacy.

Addressing the issue of financial literacy, Ivo explores the root causes. His perspective, shaped by Argentina’s economic struggles, underscores individuals’ need to comprehend economic dynamics to survive. He contrasts this with Switzerland, where economic stability might allow individuals to remain oblivious to economic intricacies.

Transitioning to Argentina’s economic history, Ivo recounts the hyperinflation crisis of 1989, a tumultuous period marked by a staggering 197% inflation rate. He narrates how the daily struggle for survival compelled even taxi drivers to teach microeconomics, starkly contrasting Switzerland’s stable economic environment.

The conversation seamlessly intertwines personal anecdotes with a broader discussion of global economic trends. Ivo shares his thoughts on the growing consumer debt crisis, comparing it with the United States’ situation. They delve into the role of media, government, and the education system in shaping financial literacy, particularly in the U.S.

Mike Fallat and Ivo Sarjanovic talk about the book Commodities as an Asset Class.

As the conversation weaves through economic philosophies and government interventions, Ivo aligns with the belief that incentivizing business owners to create solutions is critical to economic growth. He stresses the importance of limited government, allowing the private sector to drive innovation and prosperity.

The discussion concludes with a glimpse into the upcoming year’s uncertainties, with various presidential elections worldwide. Both anticipate a period of volatility, recognizing that chaos often presents unique opportunities for those prepared to navigate the financial landscape skillfully.

Ivo Sarjanovic unveils a treasure trove of insights into the world of commodities as an asset class. The episode serves as a beacon, guiding listeners through the complexities of financial literacy, economic dynamics, and the potential opportunities within the chaos of an ever-evolving financial landscape. It’s a must-watch for anyone seeking to understand the intricate dance between assets, economics, and personal wealth.

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