Harald H.H.W. Schmidt – Author of “The end of medicine as we know it – and why your health has a future.”

Revolutionizing Health: A Deep Dive into The End of Medicine As We Know It”

Mike interviews Harald H.H.V. Schmidt.

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, one man is on a mission to reshape the narrative and bring about a paradigm shift in how we approach our well-being. Enter Harald Schmidt, a voice echoing the need for a revolutionary transformation in medicine. In a recent enlightening episode, Schmidt delves into the intricacies of his groundbreaking ideas.


Schmidt starts the conversation by reflecting on the pivotal year 2020. He notes a remarkable surge in people questioning their health and making conscious choices. The pandemic propelled it to the forefront, demanding attention and introspection in a world where health often took a backseat. Schmidt views this as a positive awakening, a realization that health should not merely be a priority but a priority.

He stresses the importance of understanding that health is not a one-size-fits-all solution. While acknowledging the undeniable impact of modern medicine in saving lives, Schmidt advocates for a more balanced and personalized approach. The essence lies in not reflexively reaching for medication but exploring alternative methods, such as hydration, dietary adjustments, and other holistic practices.

Schmidt draws attention to a profound historical shift in healthcare. He credits the dramatic decrease in mortality rates since the 1900s to the triumvirate of hygiene, vaccination, and antibiotics. While acknowledging the undeniable success of these interventions, he argues that the rest of medicine, in its current form, lacks precision. Schmidt contends that a critical evaluation of our health became a silver lining in 2020, prompting individuals to invest in water filtration systems and question conventional wisdom.

The conversation takes an intriguing turn as Harald Schmidt highlights the stark reality of chronic medication. He questions whether our bodies were designed to rely on pharmaceuticals throughout our lives. For conditions like diabetes, he suggests that lifestyle changes should be explored before jumping to a lifelong dependence on medication.

As the discussion meanders through the labyrinth of health, Schmidt emphasizes the often overlooked but crucial aspects of sleep. Drawing on his wealth of knowledge, he elucidates the significance of deep sleep in brain cleansing, immune system strengthening, and muscle growth. For Schmidt, the sleep rhythm is paramount, urging individuals to prioritize quality over quantity.

A standout moment in the conversation is Schmidt’s recommendation for individuals to get their personal genome sequenced. Just as knowing the parts of a car aids in repairs, understanding one’s genetic code is essential for proactive health management. This revelation opens up the potential for personalized preventive measures, a concept Schmidt firmly believes in.

Mike Fallat and Harald H.H.W. Schmidt talk about the book The End of Medicine as we know it – and why your health has a future.

Harald Schmidt provides a measured perspective, clarifying that vaccinations cannot prevent infection but significantly hinder the virus’s propagation. He underscores the importance of understanding the science behind RNA vaccines dispelling myths and misinformation.

Reflecting on the global response to the pandemic, Schmidt critiques the overreaction, advocating for more nuanced and intelligent strategies. Drawing parallels between countries like Sweden and Germany, he questions the efficacy of stringent lockdown measures. Schmidt urges a more balanced, evidence-based approach to handling future health crises.

Schmidt expresses optimism about the future of health. He envisions a wave of innovation in precision medicine, a departure from high-cost, high-tech solutions to a more refined and individualized approach. Harald Schmidt believes in a gradual but inevitable change, with the older generation making way for a new breed of healthcare professionals embracing this impending revolution. Schmidt’s vision ignites a spark of hope for a healthier, more informed future.

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