Gregory Carnes and Suzanne Youngberg – Authors of “Fundamentals of Taxation for Individuals: A Practical Approach”

Navigating Taxation: A Conversation with Gregory Carnes and Suzanne Youngberg

Mike interviews Gregory Carnes and Suzanne Youngberg.

Today, we had the pleasure of sitting down with two brilliant minds in the world of taxation: Gregory Carnes and Suzanne Youngberg, co-authors of the must-have book Fundamentals of Taxation for Individuals: A Practical Approach.


We dove deep into the world of taxes, especially in light of the changing landscape with the rise of the digital economy. Gregory and Suzanne brought their A-game, shedding light on crucial topics like athletes’ tax woes, the impact of the digital economy on entrepreneurship, and why getting your taxes right from the get-go can set you up for life.

One thing that struck us during our conversation was Gregory’s concern for young athletes entering the big leagues. He highlighted the importance of having a solid tax accountant in their corner, ensuring they maximize their after-tax cash flow. Imagine scoring that dream contract only to find out later that you owe a hefty sum to the IRS! It’s a challenging situation, and Gregory’s insights serve as a wake-up call for athletes and anyone experiencing a financial windfall.

Suzanne gave valuable advice for individuals venturing into the digital realm, whether through platforms like OnlyFans or striking NIO deals. With the digital economy opening doors to entrepreneurship like never before, Suzanne stressed the importance of getting your taxes right from the beginning. Trust me, the last thing you want is the IRS knocking on your door because you didn’t dot your i’s and cross your t’s!

One key takeaway from our conversation is that taxes touch every aspect of our lives. As the saying goes, “Death and taxes are the only guarantees in life,” Gregory and Suzanne couldn’t have put it better. From buying a house to starting a business, taxes lurk in the shadows, ready to make or break your financial journey. But fear not because knowledge is power, and that’s where “Fundamentals of Taxation for Individuals” comes into play.

Mike Fallat, Gregory Carnes and Suzanne Youngberg talk about the book Fundamentals of Taxation for Individuals: A Practical Approach.

Gregory and Suzanne’s book isn’t just another dusty tome filled with jargon and legalese. It’s a practical guide that demystifies the complex world of taxation, offering real-world advice anyone can understand. And here’s the kicker – they update it yearly to keep you ahead of the curve! So whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or a fresh-faced college grad, this book is your ticket to financial literacy.

They’re educators on a mission to empower individuals with the knowledge they need to conquer their taxes. Need a speaker for your next seminar? Look no further than these tax gurus! Reach out to them on LinkedIn; who knows, they might share their wisdom at your next event.

We couldn’t help but reflect on the transformative power of understanding taxes. Sure, it might not be the sexiest topic, but mastering your finances is the cornerstone of building wealth and living on your terms. So here’s my challenge: pick up a copy of “Fundamentals of Taxation for Individuals” and take control of your financial destiny. Trust me, it’ll be the best investment you ever make!

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