Geraldine Carter – Author of “Down to 40 Hours: A Roadmap for CPAs to End Overworking Without Giving Up Revenue”

Redefining Success for CPAs with “Down to 40 Hours” by Geraldine Carter

Mike interviews Geraldine Carter.

In this enlightening episode, Geraldine Carter, esteemed business strategist and author of “Down to 40 Hours: A Roadmap for CPAs to End Overworking Without Giving Up Revenue,” shared profound insights on transforming the lives of accountants with her strategic approach.


The conversation opens with Geraldine Carter detailing her journey and what sparked her mission to assist CPAs in reclaiming their lives from overwhelming work hours. She passionately explains how her strategies aren’t merely about reducing hours but about restructuring businesses strategically to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

A pivotal theme discussed is the power of niching down. Geraldine emphasizes that focusing intensely on a specific market—CPAs burdened by excessive workloads—deepens expertise and amplifies value. This focus, she argues persuasively, elevates prices while streamlining service delivery. This approach resonates across industries, where becoming the go-to expert in a niche ensures clients recognize your authority and trust your solutions implicitly.

Geraldine’s “Down to 40 Hours” book is a comprehensive guide and manifesto for change within the accounting profession. It outlines a structured roadmap for CPAs to methodically reduce their work hours without sacrificing revenue. The discussion explores how this systematic approach empowers accountants to regain control of their lives—reclaiming personal time and pursuing passions beyond work.

The conversation seamlessly transitions into the realm of marketing and client relations. Geraldine underscores the importance of building trust through consistent communication and value delivery. She advocates leveraging lead magnets and other marketing tools to position oneself as the ideal solution for clients facing specific challenges—workload management for CPAs or strategic business growth for entrepreneurs.

Throughout the interview, Geraldine shares compelling anecdotes of transformative impact. She highlights real-life examples where CPAs have transitioned from gruelling 60-hour workweeks to achieving a balanced 40-hour week and even further down to 25 hours. These changes, she reveals, not only enhance work-life balance but also rejuvenate personal well-being and family dynamics.

Mike Fallat and Geraldine Carter talk about the book Down to 40 Hours: A Roadmap for CPAs to End Overworking Without Giving Up Revenue.

The episode concludes with a powerful message about embracing change and building a lifestyle business. Geraldine emphasizes that success isn’t solely about revenue metrics; it’s about creating a company that supports your desired lifestyle. Listeners are encouraged to rethink traditional measures of success and consider how their business choices can lead to a fulfilling life, both personally and professionally.

Geraldine Carter’s insights in this episode offer hope for CPAs seeking a balanced life while excelling professionally. “Down to 40 Hours” presents a clear path to redefine success in the accounting industry—prioritizing quality of life alongside professional achievement. This episode is a must-listen for anyone aiming to make a significant impact in their career while living a fulfilled and balanced life.

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