Gary Furlong – Author of “The Conflict Resolution Toolbox”

From Struggle to Success: Gary Furlong’s Blueprint for Entrepreneurial Conflict Resolution

Mike interviews Gary Furlong.

In the world of entrepreneurship, challenges and conflicts are inevitable. The ability to navigate and resolve conflicts effectively can be a game-changer for individuals striving to make a mark in their respective fields. In a recent podcast episode, an insightful conversation unfolded with conflict resolution expert Gary Furlong. This blog captures the essence of their discussion, shedding light on key takeaways that can empower entrepreneurs to embrace conflicts as opportunities for growth.


Gary Furlong pointed out that the desire to be the alpha often fuels struggles, particularly among men. Drawing parallels between the approaches of men and women in handling conflicts, Furlong highlighted that while men may lean towards direct and aggressive methods, women tend to take a softer yet powerful approach. The key insight here is that regardless of gender, the underlying process of resorting to power when feeling threatened is a common human tendency.

He emphasized the importance of moving beyond a rigid power-centric mindset. Whether mediating lawsuits or addressing conflicts in professional settings, he shared a powerful strategy – shifting the focus from asserting power to asking good questions. By encouraging open-ended inquiries, individuals can lead conversations towards problem-solving, encouraging parties to consider alternative options. This shift not only diffuses tension but also fosters a collaborative atmosphere.

Reflecting on personal growth, Furlong highlighted the transformative impact of writing. Drawing parallels with his own experience, he echoed the sentiment that writing serves as a mirror for one’s thoughts, fostering self-awareness and improved communication skills. Aligning with the wisdom of constant reading and writing to become adept at navigating life’s complexities.

Gary Furlong passionately advocated viewing conflict as a catalyst for success rather than an obstacle. Drawing on his vast experience as a mediator, he asserted that conflict, when approached constructively, can strengthen relationships. He emphasized the importance of setting ground rules in professional relationships creating a framework for open and respectful communication. When managed effectively, conflict can become a powerful tool for problem-solving and mutual growth.

Mike Fallat and Gary Furlong talk about the book The Conflict Resolution Toolbox.

One of the pivotal moments in the conversation centred around accountability. Furlong delved into taking ownership of mistakes and viewing them as opportunities to learn and grow. The emphasis on problem-solving rather than blame-shifting resonated strongly. Shared personal experiences underlined the importance of transparency and accountability in building strong client relationships.

As the conversation progressed, Furlong unveiled practical tools for conflict resolution found in his book, “Conflict Resolution Toolbox: Models and Maps for Analyzing, Diagnosing, and Resolving Conflict.” He touched upon the Socratic method of questioning and the significance of asking good questions to foster engagement and uncover solutions.

In the spirit of entrepreneurial ethos, the conversation with Gary Furlong exemplified the transformative potential of conflict. By embracing conflicts as opportunities for growth, shifting from power struggles to collaborative problem-solving, and prioritizing accountability and open communication, individuals can navigate challenges with resilience and emerge stronger. The insights shared by Furlong resonate as valuable lessons for anyone seeking to master the art of conflict resolution in both personal and professional spheres. Every challenge is a stepping stone to success, and effective conflict resolution is a crucial skill on that path to achievement.

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