Gábor Békés – Author of “Data Analysis for Business, Economics, and Policy”

Decoding Data: Insights from Gábor Békés on Business, Economics, and Policy

Mike interviews Gábor Békés.

In the realm of data analysis, a world of possibilities is waiting to be explored. Enter Gábor Békés, the maestro of numbers, whose book “Data Analysis for Business, Economics, and Policy” is a roadmap to unlocking the mysteries hidden within data sets. In a recent discussion, Gábor shed light on the intricacies of data analysis, debunking myths and revealing the true potential of this indispensable tool.


Gábor’s journey into data analysis began with a simple premise: asking the right questions. He emphasizes the importance of starting with assumptions and hypotheses before delving into the data. It’s not about letting the data speak for itself; it’s about guiding the conversation and seeking answers to specific inquiries. This proactive approach ensures that data analysis isn’t just a passive exercise but a strategic tool for uncovering insights.

One of the critical lessons Gábor imparts is the need to challenge conventional wisdom. Take, for example, the notion that mergers in the airline industry lead to higher prices. Through meticulous analysis, Gábor reveals that this assumption doesn’t always hold true. In fact, mergers can sometimes result in lower prices, showcasing the complexity of economic phenomena and the need for nuanced analysis.

But Gábor doesn’t stop there. He delves into real-world case studies, such as the relationship between life expectancy and average income. While assuming a linear correlation is tempting, Gábor’s analysis reveals a more nuanced picture. He uncovers patterns that defy simple explanations, demonstrating the need for rigorous analysis to truly understand complex phenomena.

One of the most compelling case studies discussed is the gender wage gap. Gábor’s analysis goes beyond surface-level explanations, delving into factors such as occupational segregation and childcare responsibilities. By examining the data from multiple angles, Gábor paints a comprehensive picture of a pervasive social issue, empowering policymakers and advocates with actionable insights.

Mike Fallat and Gábor Békés talk about the book Data Analysis for Business, Economics, and Policy.

What sets Gábor apart is his commitment to truth-seeking. He acknowledges that data analysis isn’t immune to manipulation or misinterpretation. That’s why he advocates for skepticism and critical thinking, urging analysts to challenge assumptions and validate findings rigorously. Gábor’s approach serves as a beacon of clarity and integrity in a world inundated with misinformation.

But Gábor’s book isn’t just a technical manual; it’s a call to action. He empowers readers to become active participants in data analysis, encouraging them to ask bold questions and seek meaningful insights. Whether you’re a seasoned analyst or a curious novice, Gábor’s book offers a roadmap to navigating the complex terrain of data analysis with confidence and clarity.

Gábor’s message is clear: data analysis is not just about crunching numbers; it’s about uncovering truths and driving positive change. Armed with the right tools and mindset, anyone can harness the power of data to make informed decisions and shape a better future. So, let’s heed Gábor’s call and embark on a journey of discovery, one data point at a time.

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