Faisal Hoque – Author of “Everything Connects: Cultivating Mindfulness, Creativity, and Innovation for Long-Term Value”

Mindfulness, Innovation, and More: A Conversation with Faisal Hoque

Mike interviews Faisal Hoque.

Strap in because we’ll dive into a mind-expanding conversation with the brilliant Faisal Hoque. If you’re about unlocking your potential, cultivating creativity, and navigating the ever-changing landscape of innovation, you’re in for a treat. Faisal, the mastermind behind “Everything Connects: Cultivating Mindfulness, Creativity, and Innovation for Long-Term Value,” is here to drop some serious knowledge bombs.


Picture this: you’re sitting down with Faisal Hoque, sipping your favourite beverage, and soaking in his wisdom. He starts by sharing his journey, a tale of evolution from philosophy and literature enthusiast to tech entrepreneur extraordinaire. Faisal didn’t initially set out to become an entrepreneur; it was more out of necessity than anything else. But, oh boy, did he embrace the challenge!

As Faisal delves into his entrepreneurial journey, he emphasizes the importance of solving complex problems and catering to large organizations like Fortune 100 and Fortune 200 companies. It’s all about tackling significant challenges head-on and making a lasting impact. And guess what? Faisal didn’t just stumble upon success; he immersed himself in the wisdom of management and leadership experts like Peter Drucker and Clay Christensen, honing his skills along the way.

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about following a predetermined path. It’s a journey of self-discovery, observation, and self-awareness. Faisal’s advice? Embrace the process, be open to learning, and don’t shy away from failure. After all, it’s through failure that we grow and evolve.

Mike Fallat and Faisal Hoque talk about the book Everything Connects: Cultivating Mindfulness, Creativity, and Innovation for Long-Term Value.

Now, let’s talk leadership. Faisal believes authentic leadership isn’t about calling the shots from the sidelines but empowering others to shine. He shares his own journey of transformation from a “piss poor leader” to someone who understands the importance of inspiring and nurturing leadership within his team. And you know what? It all boils down to one simple principle: permission to fail. By allowing his team to experiment and learn from their mistakes, Faisal creates a culture of growth and innovation.

Faisal drops some serious truth bombs about finding balance in life. He likens life to a musical instrument, where every string must be perfectly tuned to create harmony. From finances to spirituality to health, it’s all about finding that delicate balance and staying in tune with yourself and the world around you.

And speaking of balance, let’s talk about purpose. Faisal challenges the notion of a fixed purpose, arguing that it evolves over time based on our experiences and circumstances. Instead of searching for a grand purpose, Faisal suggests focusing on bite-sized goals and aspirations that are attainable and meaningful. So, there you have it, folks! A glimpse into the brilliant mind of Faisal Hoque and his insights on mindfulness, creativity, and innovation. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your journey, there’s something here for everyone. So, embrace the journey, stay curious, and remember that everything connects.

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