Estelle Gibson – Author of “Poor by Choice?: Overcome the Lies and Create a New Financial Truth”

Empowering Financial Insights with Estelle Gibson: Overcoming Lies and Embracing Truth

Mike interviews Estelle Gibson.

In this podcast episode, Estelle Gibson, a TED speaker and ICF certified coach, engaged in a compelling discussion centred around her book “Poor by Choice?: Overcome the Lies and Create a New Financial Truth.” Her conversation with the host highlighted profound insights into managing money, transforming personal empowerment, and achieving financial independence.


The episode opened with Estelle Gibson’s insightful observation: “Perfection is subjective.” This set the tone for a deep dive into entrepreneurship as a profound journey of personal growth masquerading as a business endeavour. Estelle and her host emphasized the importance of embracing failures openly and fearlessly, seeing entrepreneurship as a catalyst for continuous development.

Estelle highlighted a common oversight among couples and individuals: neglecting to discuss their dreams and aspirations. This lack of clarity can lead to a directionless existence. She stressed the need for introspection and planning, urging listeners to confront their financial realities head-on to chart a meaningful course.

Estelle emphasized the necessity of understanding one’s financial standing. She advocated for creating a conscious spending plan rather than rigid budgets, promoting a holistic approach to financial management. This approach allows individuals to align their financial decisions with long-term goals while addressing their current economic situations.

Estelle shared anecdotes and strategies for tackling financial challenges, encouraging listeners to start small but consistently toward financial freedom. She emphasized the importance of emotional resilience alongside practical steps, drawing parallels to personal experiences and lessons learned.

A pivotal moment in the conversation centred on the significance of multiple income streams. Estelle discussed the vulnerability of relying on a single revenue stream, citing real-life examples of financial setbacks. She endorsed establishing a baseline income stream while gradually diversifying to mitigate risks and foster economic stability. This approach, she argued, should complement existing commitments to ensure sustainability and growth.

Estelle and her host underscored the transformative power of loving what you do. They agreed that passion fuels persistence, enabling individuals to navigate challenges and setbacks with resilience. Estelle shared how her work as a financial coach becomes energizing when clients experience breakthroughs, emphasizing the infectious nature of positivity and purpose.

The conversation resonated with the idea of consistency as a critical factor in achieving financial goals. They emphasized the importance of sustained, incremental actions over time, likening financial progress to a journey rather than a destination. This philosophy aligned with Estelle’s approach of integrating emotional awareness with practical financial strategies for long-term success.

Mike Fallat and Estelle Gibson talk about the book Poor by Choice?: Overcome the Lies and Create a New Financial Truth.

Estelle outlined three crucial pillars for overcoming financial challenges: awareness, information, and support. She addressed common barriers such as fear of failure, shame, and societal pressures. Both speakers emphasized the importance of seeking guidance and support, whether through professional coaching or open conversations with loved ones.

Estelle Gibson gave listeners a powerful message: financial empowerment begins with clarity and purpose. She encouraged individuals to embrace imperfection, confront their economic realities, and cultivate multiple income streams while staying true to their passions. Her insights underscored the transformative power of consistent action and emotional resilience in achieving long-term financial freedom.

For more empowering insights from Estelle Gibson, engage with her podcasts, books, and coaching programs. Explore her approach to financial independence and personal fulfillment, starting with a clear vision and commitment to action.

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