E. Freya Williams – Author of “Green Giants: How Smart Companies Turn Sustainability into Billion-Dollar Businesses”

Turning Green into Gold: A Conversation with Freya Williams on the Billion-Dollar Potential of Sustainability

Mike interviews E. Freya Williams.

In this riveting podcast episode, We enjoyed chatting with Freya Williams, author of “Green Giants: How Smart Companies Turn Sustainability into Billion-Dollar Businesses.” We dived deep into how sustainability isn’t just good for the planet but can also be the golden goose for businesses aiming to reach the billion-dollar mark. Freya’s insights are not just for the tree-hugging environmentalists but for the hardcore capitalists who want to make serious money while doing good for the world.


Freya started by telling the story of a remarkable shoe company that has turned the humble plastic bottle into a fashion statement. These shoes, initially designed for women but now available for men, are stylish, comfortable, and washable, making them practical for everyday wear. And guess what? They are made from recycled plastic bottles, many of which are from ocean waste.

What makes these shoes stand out isn’t just their eco-friendly material. It’s their mainstream appeal. Consumers aren’t buying them solely because they’re green; they’re buying them because they’re cool, chic, and high-performance. The sustainability factor is the icing on the cake, giving customers bragging rights about being environmentally conscious without compromising style or comfort.

Freya refers to this company as a “green unicorn,” a business that has achieved a billion-dollar valuation through sustainability. The key to their success? They got their product design and marketing right. They understood that to drive demand for sustainable products, the emphasis shouldn’t be on the planet-saving attributes alone but on the mainstream appeal. It’s about making products that people want to buy, and oh, by the way, they also happen to be better for the planet.

As someone who loves capitalism and living off the land, it’s easy to be skeptical about the sustainability hype. I asked Freya the tough questions: Do individuals really impact the climate? Isn’t it all just a political strategy?

Freya’s response was clear and backed by science. Carbon emissions and methane are the culprits behind climate change, and the situation is worsening faster than expected. Wildfires, extreme weather events, and rising sea levels are not figments of lefty imaginations; they’re real and happening now.

She emphasized that while systemic change at the business and government levels is crucial, individual actions still matter. Sure, it might feel like we’re just a drop in the ocean, but remember, it is made up of drops. The United Nations reports that about 5% of global emissions depend on individual choices. That’s bigger than the automotive and air transport industries combined. So yes, your choices do matter.

As Tony Robbins says, “Life is not about the amount of resources you have but the amount of resourcefulness you have.” This is where sustainability shines. It’s about being wise with what we have. Whether it’s filtering your water, reducing waste, or switching to renewable energy, sustainability is about making intelligent choices that are good for the planet and your wallet.

Freya pointed out that many sustainable practices are just good business sense. Renewable energy is cleaner, doesn’t pollute the air, and is becoming cheaper and more efficient. Solar panels, for instance, can save you money on energy bills. Electric cars reduce pollution and the cost of maintenance. These are choices that make sense financially and environmentally.

Freya is optimistic about the future. She believes the next generation will shift consumption patterns and demand more from businesses and employers. This isn’t just about politics; it’s a long-term trend towards a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable world. And this trend isn’t going away. It might slow down or speed up, but it’s here to stay.

Mike Fallat and E. Freya Williams talk about the book Green Giants: How Smart Companies Turn Sustainability into Billion-Dollar Businesses.

For those who love the outdoors and living off the land, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a way to protect the world we love. It’s about ensuring that the woods, rivers, and wildlife we cherish are there for future generations.

So, to grow your business into a billion-dollar enterprise, take a leaf out of Freya Williams’ book. Embrace sustainability as a moral compass and a strategic business advantage. Make products people love, market them smartly, and let the green aspect be the added bonus.

Remember, it’s not about agreeing on every point but finding common ground and working towards a better future. Whether you’re a left-wing health nut or a hardcore capitalist, sustainability has something for everyone. So, pick up Freya’s book, “Green Giants: How Smart Companies Turn Sustainability into Billion-Dollar Businesses,” and turn green into gold.

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