Dr. Ron M. Horner – Author of “Releasing Bonds from the Courts of Heaven: Uncovering Bonds & Establishing Bonds (Engaging the Courts)”

Heavenly Insights: Dr. Ron M. Horner’s Spiritual Roadmap to Uncover and Establish Bonds

Mike interviews Dr. Ron M. Horner.

Greetings, seekers of profound spiritual insights! Get ready to immerse yourself in a transformative dialogue where the esteemed Dr. Ron M. Horner unravels the mysteries in his enlightening book, “Releasing Bonds from the Courts of Heaven: Uncovering Bonds & Establishing Bonds.” Prepare for an illuminating journey through the engaging courts of heaven, where bonds are uncovered and established.


Dr. Ron M. Horner opens the gates to a new perspective on spiritual warfare, painting a vivid picture of the spiritual landscape. Like a seasoned guide, he invites us to explore the intricacies of his book—a roadmap to unlocking our potential and achieving a richer, more fulfilling life.

At the heart of “Releasing Bonds” lies the power of seeking the kingdom and its righteousness first. Dr. Horner shares profound insights into aligning oneself with the divine, emphasizing restoring our original identity. In a world often plagued by fear and chaos, he encourages readers to embrace the truth that we are seen as restorable rather than irreparably broken in the eyes of the Father.

One of the gems uncovered in our conversation is the archery term for sin, meaning to miss the mark and forfeit the prize. Dr. Horner sheds light on the consequences of missing the mark, urging individuals to recognize that sin carries its own penalties. However, the beauty lies in the revelation that Jesus, through the cross, has already shouldered the burden of judgment. This realization is a game-changer, inviting a shift from fear to freedom.

Our dialogue doesn’t shy away from addressing the pressing question of whether we are in the midst of a spiritual war. Dr. Horner provides clarity, stating that while spiritual battles are part of everyday life, a new understanding of the courts of heaven equips believers to engage in warfare more effectively. The shift from traditional paradigms to a legislative approach in the courts brings a refreshing perspective to the age-old struggle between good and evil.

Mike Fallat and Dr. Ron M. Horner talk about the book Releasing Bonds from the Courts of Heaven: Uncovering Bonds & Establishing Bonds (Engaging the Courts).

A segment of our conversation delves into observations about the Catholic Church, particularly in the context of Pope Francis. Dr. Horner shares his perspective on addressing corruption within institutions, drawing parallels between the political arena and religious institutions. He emphasizes the importance of repentance and cleansing to prevent corruption from seeping into leadership roles.

He imparts valuable advice for those seeking spiritual growth. He highlights the significance of living fearlessly and encourages individuals to dismantle the victim mentality. By engaging with the courts of heaven, believers can tap into a wealth of resources, including angels, to bring about positive changes in their lives and communities.

Dr. Ron M. Horner leaves listeners with a trove of spiritual insights and actionable wisdom. “Releasing Bonds from the Courts of Heaven” emerges as a book and a guide to living a life enriched with purpose, peace, and divine alignment. This dialogue serves as a beacon, inviting all seekers to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual empowerment. May the engaging courts of heaven guide you to uncover and establish bonds that transform your life?

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