David Feldman – Author of “Why Does College Cost So Much?”

Breaking Down the College Cost Conundrum: Insights from David Feldman

Mike interviews David Feldman.

Renowned author and educator David Feldman took center stage to shed light on one of the most pressing issues in higher education: the soaring cost of college. With his book “Why Does College Cost So Much?” as the focal point, Feldman delved into the intricate web of factors contributing to the financial burden students and families face nationwide.


As the conversation unfolded, Feldman wasted no time addressing the elephant in the room: the staggering cost of attending college. With tuition fees skyrocketing and student loan debt reaching unprecedented levels, the dream of higher education has become increasingly out of reach for many aspiring students. But why does college cost so much in the first place?

Feldman dissected the complex web of factors driving college costs, ranging from administrative bloat to the rising demand for amenities and facilities. He highlighted the role of for-profit institutions and graduate schools in exacerbating the student debt crisis, emphasizing the need for greater transparency and accountability within the education system.

Central to the discussion was the role of government intervention in the student loan market. Feldman elucidated how federal policies, while aimed at expanding access to education, have inadvertently fueled the rise in tuition fees. The government has inadvertently created a vicious cycle of debt and dependency by insulating colleges from the consequences of loan default and funnelling billions of dollars into the system.

One of the most pressing issues facing students today is the burden of student loan debt. Feldman highlighted the disproportionate impact of debt on vulnerable populations, particularly those attending for-profit institutions and graduate schools. He underscored the need for colleges to take greater responsibility for their students’ financial well-being, advocating for reforms that hold institutions accountable for loan defaults.

Mike Fallat and David Feldman talk about the book Why Does College Cost So Much?.

Despite the challenges facing higher education, Feldman remains optimistic about the future. He stressed the importance of informed decision-making and the value of a college education in today’s economy. While acknowledging the need for reforms, he cautioned against blanket solutions overlooking the nuances of the student debt crisis.

As the conversation drew close, Feldman issued a call to action for policymakers, educators, and students alike. He urged stakeholders to come together to address the root causes of college costs and to foster a culture of transparency and accountability within the education system. Only by working together can we ensure that the promise of higher education remains within reach for future generations.

David Feldman’s insights into the cost of college offer a sobering yet hopeful perspective on the state of higher education in America. By shining a light on the underlying factors driving tuition fees and student debt, he has empowered listeners to advocate for change and demand accountability from institutions and policymakers. As we navigate the road ahead, heed Feldman’s call to action and work together to build a brighter future for students nationwide.

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