Craig Storti – Author of “The Art of Crossing Cultures”

Unlocking the Power of Cultural Understanding with Craig Storti: A Journey into The Art of Crossing Cultures

Mike interviews Craig Storti.

In today’s power-packed episode, we’re diving deep into breaking down barriers, enhancing communication, and gaining a profound global perspective. I had the incredible opportunity to sit down with the one and only Craig Storti, a seasoned consultant, trainer, and expert in intercultural communications. Get ready for a game-changing conversation exploring cultural differences and the impact of travel, and we will talk about his book The Art of Crossing Cultures.


We started the episode by diving headfirst into the ocean of cultural differences. Craig shared his wealth of knowledge on how understanding cultural nuances is crucial, especially when dealing with global teams. From working with the US Department of State to collaborating with giants like Microsoft and Deloitte, Craig highlighted the significance of recognizing and appreciating cultural diversity.

“One of the greatest lessons you come back with from travel is a perspective on your culture,” Craig emphasized. It’s fascinating how travel not only exposes you to new cultures but also allows you to reassess your own roots. Imagine looking at your hometown mountains after witnessing the Himalayas – your perspective undergoes a profound shift.

Another Craig’s book, “Sorry, No English,” unravels the challenges of communicating with speakers of limited English, a common scenario in today’s globalized world. As teams span borders, being mindful of linguistic differences is essential. Craig shared anecdotes perfectly capturing the nuances – like an Indian friend confusing “easy as cake” with “piece of pie.” The key takeaway? Always communicate clearly and avoid assumptions, as not everyone knows English idioms.

Our discussion then veered into Craig’s book, “Why Travel Matters,” exploring the transformative impact of travel on an individual’s life. Craig beautifully expressed how travel offers a unique perspective on one’s background and shapes a deeper understanding of self. He emphasized how exposure to diverse cultures enables personal growth and fosters a broader worldview.

Craig recounted a decisive moment in the Himalayas that left an indelible mark on him. The sheer magnitude of the mountains and the constant avalanches was an experience that transcended the ordinary and showcased the unparalleled impact of travel. As Craig rightly said, “You realize you can change, and people who can change are humanity’s best hope.”

Our conversation touched on the hero’s journey, drawing parallels between personal growth and the experiences one encounters during travel, which catalyzes self-awareness, leading to self-actualization. The hero, stepping into the unknown, learns and evolves, much like individuals navigating the unfamiliar terrains of different cultures.

With the world becoming increasingly interconnected, we created culturally open communities. His advice for navigating cultural differences was gold – always assume positive intent. When faced with actions that might confuse or upset, step back and recognize there’s likely a cultural difference at play. Craig’s insights are invaluable for leaders managing diverse virtual teams, where effective communication is the bedrock of success.

Mike Fallat and Craig Storti talk about the book The Art of Crossing Cultures.

Before wrapping up, we explored Craig’s extensive background, from being a Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco to becoming a sought-after consultant for global organizations. His journey is a testament to his passion for breaking down cultural barriers and fostering a more profound understanding between people.

This episode was an eye-opener into the art of crossing cultures. Craig Storti’s wisdom on navigating the global landscape, communicating effectively, and embracing the transformative power of travel is a must-have for anyone striving to thrive in our interconnected world. Remember, the key to success lies in understanding, appreciating, and learning from the rich tapestry of cultures surrounding us.

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