Corey Rosen – Author of “Ownership: Reinventing Companies, Capitalism, and Who Owns What”

Empowering the Masses: A Deep Dive into Ownership with Corey Rosen

Mike interviews Corey Rosen.

In a recent captivating episode, Corey Rosen, an influential figure in employee ownership, shared insights with the audience about his book, “Ownership: Reinventing Companies, Capitalism, and Who Owns What.” The engaging conversation explored the profound impact of employee ownership on businesses, individuals, and society.


Rosen, known for his compelling and conversational style, brought forth many thought-provoking insights. A recurring theme throughout the discussion was the transformative power of thinking like an entrepreneur, a philosophy Rosen passionately advocates for.

Rosen vividly illustrated the entrepreneurial mindset within companies, emphasizing the importance of instilling a sense of ownership even among non-owners. He introduced the concept of intrapreneurs—individuals within a company who, though not owners, exhibit entrepreneurial thinking, problem-solving differently, and taking ownership of their designated sectors.

A central focus of the conversation was Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs). This structure allows the average person to become an owner and encourages them to think and act like one. The idea of democratizing ownership and equipping individuals with a stake in their company, both financially and philosophically, emerged as a potential remedy for societal issues.

Rosen shed light on the lack of education on entrepreneurship in traditional schooling, underscoring the need for a broader understanding of financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills.

The conversation was inspiring as Rosen shared a success story from SRC Holdings, an employee-owned company. Under the leadership of Jack Stack, SRC Holdings transformed a failing division into a thriving enterprise. What set them apart was Stack’s commitment to educating every factory worker on reading financial statements and fostering a high-involvement management system.

The discussion further ventured into the psychological aspects of employee ownership. Rosen touched upon the correlation between building something tangible, overcoming challenges, and the profound happiness derived from such experiences. Drawing from research, he highlighted that the happiest people have a sense of purpose, aligning with the notion that building a business could be a fulfilling personal development journey.

Mike Fallat and Corey Rosen talk about the book Ownership: Reinventing Companies, Capitalism, and Who Owns What.

Rosen provided insights into how employee ownership contributes to social trust. As social trust erodes in contemporary society, Rosen argued that the perceived unfairness in the system is a significant factor. Employee ownership, by offering a path to financial security and fostering a sense of community among diverse individuals, becomes a catalyst for rebuilding social trust.

In the true spirit of engaging dialogue, the conversation wrapped up with a philosophical reflection. Rosen shared a profound book that profoundly impacted him—Wallace Stegner’s “Angle of Repose.” This Pulitzer Prize-winning novel explores finding one’s point of comfort and belonging, an angle of repose, in life. For Rosen, his angle of repose lies in the purposeful work of promoting employee ownership and positively impacting lives.

The conversation with Corey Rosen brought to the forefront the transformative power of ownership, not just in the business realm but as a catalyst for positive change in individuals and society. Through engaging anecdotes, success stories, and insights, they painted a compelling narrative that encourages us to rethink the dynamics of capitalism and who holds the reins of our collective destiny.

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